RSSA, Day 3 (7/3/2012)

1. Sleeping without a pillow is tough.
2. I have to keep thinking about K.’s bonmot “Our rooms look just like prison cells in Holland, but we don’t have a TV.”
3. I’m sleeeepyyyy…

Anyway, today was the morning with a big M at the beginning. M for Monstrous, Murderous and Mortifying. The topic was cardiovascular medicine and that’s something I’ve never ever encountered. OK, I have, but precisely because of the short meeting, I decided to ditch the exam and therefore learnt nothing. So I felt like Alice in Wonderland, only not curiouser and curiouser but stupider and stupider.

A creepy bathroom shot...

We got a fish again for lunch, but this time it was a bit less fishy. Fried fish is almost as good as raw or grilled one, and there was some really salty, spicy sauce with it, so you couldn’t really taste the fish much. I kinda skipped the broccoli and blackened beans. The salads are no miracle, but I managed to snatch a really pretty tarte for my dessert and that was pretty tasty.
Our afternoon lessons was supposed to be biostatistics, but I think that was a bit of a misunderstanding. At my uni, we have “computational technique” (excel, databases) and then we have “biostatistics” (ANOVA, t-test, zero hypothesis stuff etc.). I took the first, didn’t take the latter. So when they asked who had experience with biostatistics, I didn’t raise my hand as I thought I didn’t. But then it turned out we were doing pretty basic excel stuff, which was pretty boring for me.
Anyway, we finished at around 5 p.m., which meant we had some time to do shopping. B. and me went to the center (that’s where all the missing people were - since the outskirts were always so empty) and wandered around the main shopping street. We managed to find some pretty cool shops. First was a paper&crafts&books&magazines store, where they had really cute school supplies on sale. If you want to turn green with envy: I got the folder for only 3 E, the pens for 2,5 E, the coasters for 0,50 E, the journal for 4 E. I actually thought the coasters would be a cute giveaway item. Then I got some magazines that weren’t that cheap, unfortunately.
Our next stop was Claire’s. At the first look, I thought I’d buy everything. At the second, I thought I wasn’t gonna buy anything (since the items weren’t my style/that great/that cheap). And on the third, I found quite a lot of reasonable things. Both cosmetic bags were for 4 E, the bracelet was 4, the blush was super cute and only 2 E, I paid 1 E for the nail files and 5 E for the glasses case (it’s sooo sweet! I already threw away my old one, since it was dirty and broken).
And the last shop where I bought something was Min, we only managed to pay shortly before they closed for the night. They had beautiful, himegyaru-esque pieces, but only from size 38 up. The only thing that I estimated might fit me (an XS cutsew) was fortunately also only 4 E, lucky me! And I grabbed a cute headbow for 2 E as well.

Then we hurried back to out prison dorms as we were supposed to go to the Festival d’Anjou soon and a bus was picking us up in front of the student residence. Somehow the tram dematerialized and rematerialized again at a stop that was way too far, we simply didn’t go though the one we were supposed to get off. I really suspect that the public transport in Angers is something like that weird Harry Potter bus. Arrows point to stops at the other end of the city, tram don’t have to use the rails etc. But we made it in time to not only toss our bags in a corner and grab some quick dinner, but also to get changed. If anyone says scientists look horrible, I’ll punch him. I swear we were the prettiest/handsomest/most dolled up pack in the whole Maine-et-Loire region. Especially the girls from Australia looked like escapees from Australia’s Next Top Model. When we got there, we immediately let out the fact we were a bunch of tourists, not only because wed strut around the castle in sky-high heels, in chiffon miniskirts and in the boys’ case, shirts and blazers, while the domestic French wore an outfit that could even stand the Alps’ weather and carrying blankets, but also because we immediately started taking pictures like crazy. It was just so beautiful! The play we went to see was Romeo and Juliet. No, I’m not a retard, it was an avant-garde adaptation. Or, actually a rather traditional one. To follow the Elizabethan theater rules, all roles were played by men. Then again, they didn’t really dress Juliet as a woman, so it was a gay version of the story. It was supposedly really funny, but I only understood like 1/10 of all the jokes. Nevertheless, the dancing and music and acting were splendid, so was the setting. It was really great, if it wasn’t so could, I could have stayed till morning. But actually as soon as we climbed inside the bus, we were about to fall asleep.       

Yours truly


  1. Haha I really don't see why you're complaining over your room. Yesterday I started to look for a flat in Riga (Latvia) and I think I'm gonna end up with a depression just looking for one - see an example here http://www.dzivoklis.lv/en/view/420852 it's so sick! It will take me a long way before I find something usable :O

    1. OMG, that's seriously scary! I really hope you'll be able to find something decent...