Rings and Roses

OK, I’m not gonna boast about these rings, since anything equipped with a prehensile thumb and a glue gun could make them. But I was happy I could put the cabochons I got recently to a good use, and since the disgusting test is already tomorrow T_____T, I was happy it was a quick work.

Nemůžu se těmi prstýnky moc chlubit, jelikož by je dokázalo vyrobit cokoliv, co je vybavené chápavým palcem a lepidlem. Ale potěšilo mě, že můžu rychle zužitkovat nedávno zakoupené růžičky a jelikož se ten odporný kytkotest chystá již zítra, nijak mi nevadilo, že to bylo odbyté rychle. 


  1. I really love those types of flowers and I have some at home, but with no glue gun it is a very hard work! The rings are simple and awesome!

    1. Thank you! Actually, I don't use glue gun either, we have some sort of sheer all purpose glue in a tube, so I use that (it's called chemopren here, dunno if it's international).

  2. That is a very good idea...!
    I am going to have to follow your posts, they're so cool!