Outfit: 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 2015 Inspired T-Shirt

Long time no see! My life has taken a crazy busy turn these past 6 months, so while I would often think about blogging this or that, it just never turned into action.
A while ago I realized that the hamster wheel of work - housework - very little sleep wasn't sustainable, I decided to make a whole lot of gradual lifestyle changes and to go back to my hobbies and rebuilding my online presence.
I am generally not very confortable discussing turbulent changes in my life as they happen, but I suppose I will make a couple retrospective posts once I can look back on all the craziness from a different perspective.

To restart, I decided to go with showing my first DIY piece after a very long time of creative inactivity: 3.1 Phillip Lim (A/W 2015) inspired blouse, which I based on one of the dresses featured in the show. I used an old skirt with similar color scheme and  nice pattern and turned it into the front and back piece, adding sleeves, neck part and inserts from white jersey leftovers. I messed up the proportions of the inserts though, so I added more white in the form of crochetted lace I got second hand on eBay years ago. The material cost me altogether something like 50 c, the pattern alterations and sewing took only about 4 hours of work, and it is from re-purposed material - win win win.

Pants: Marks&Spencer, Prague
Top: DIY from old skirt
Boots: Bata, Prague
Coat: Migliore dept. store, Seoul

Yours truly


  1. I'm in love with this coat! so beautiful!


  2. Sooooooooooooooooooo very glad to see you back, my sweet

  3. Hello Vita,
    the t-shirt is crazy cool and I am glad you went back to the DIY. I don't know about you, but when I'm passing throw some weird moments in my life this helps me a lot. I am planning to start making some clothes for the summer too, we'll see how that will turn up.
    I hope despite the changes in your life things are well with you and I can't wait to see more DIY! (:

    1. Thank you Sara! Indeed, crafting is the best relaxation for me too. :)

  4. lovely coat! looks really cozy :)

  5. waow! you look amazing!!!! I love the handmade blouse!!!! congrats!!! and I love your coat!!!!
    I wish you a happy new year!!!!
    all the best

  6. Wow the tartan top is gorgeous and such a beautiful coat, some of my favourite pieces of yours.

  7. glad to see you back! pěkný outfit, docela se těším na life update, snad to nevyzní stalkersky, ale tvůj život mě jako takový dost inspiruje :) taky jsem se rozhodla vrátit se zpátky do online světa, teď bloguju na stellaprotisvetu.blogspot.cz a fashion téma jsem už úplně opustila, ale doufám že ty budeš pokračovat ;)


    1. Jé, děkuju, už jsem novou adresu postřehla. :) Life update asi vytvořím až ještě za pár měsíců až se to trochu usadí... Nebo to rozdělím na recap studia a "co potom", haha.

  8. Your outfit is so pretty! I like your top very much but I am madly in love with your coat. Of course, they look stunning together!