Cimitero Monumentale di Milano Horror Story

(Warning: Post Contains Creepy Content)

Is it a palace? As I approach the entrance of the cemetery, lit by bright afternoon sun, I am surprised by the magnificent building. I feel as if I am entering a fancy park, rather than a place where countless bodies are buried. 

Even though it is a cemetery, in this bright sun, blue sky with cotton candy clouds above, it cannot be a scary place, can it? It is so well kept, so easy to navigate, from time to time a figure that seems to be a tourist rather than a ghost can be seen passing by. 

It is a splendid showcase of architecture, sculpture, and garden design. It is actually a lovelier place to spend the day in than the crowded and dry city center.

You can even see Milan over the walls. 

But as I walk further and further away from the grand entrance...

...The statues, at first sight appearing innocent and glistening in the sun rays, start exuding a disturbing and sad aura. 

The closer I look, the more details that make my stomach knot, appear. Captivated by the spotted face with loony expression, I do not even see the photo frame. What a surprise when I look at the photos later on.

Some satues make me breathe fast and quicken my pace. All of a sudden, the place does not apear like a palace park anymore. The majestatic entrance is nowhere to be seen over tall trees casting shadow on the ground.

I canot decide which makes me more uncomfortable, the faces with an expression so realistic I do not dare to look back (what if the expression changed?), or the faces with empty eyes?

The cemetery is becoming a maze with more and more pathways, similar-looking monuments and confusing reflections.

I don't dare to imagine the stories some of the statues and grave stones seem to hint at.

I start to feel an uncomfortable presence which seems to follow me wherever I turn.

 I feel restless and nervous. The sun is becoming so strong that colors fade into grey.

 Is it just a coincidence that now that I am lost among the graves, far from the entrance, I feel as if I was thrown in a gothic novel?

The graveyard is becoming a city of its own. I am passing by constructions that appear to be a new type of house, a house for the dead. 

And I start to wonder, if I am really alone as I roam the twisted roads.

There are no people anymore.

I could sware I can almost feel a light breath on my neck. 

 No matter what this is in reality, it makes me think of the Tower of Babel or Alighieri's Hell.

At this point I am certain that a presence, which cannot be human, is following after me.

But no matter where I turn, I don't seem to be able to escape.

 Really? Is there no one who can save me?

My heart skips a beat. As I gaze at the statue in front of me, I can feel a light touch on my skin. 

A sharp sting follows and I can feel my blood sucked against my will.

More and more stings follow.

Is this, perhaps, the previous victim?


If you visist the cemetery in Milan, you need to know. There are blood-sucking, non-human creatures roaming around. They do not appear to mind the sun, or crosses.

I highly doubt garlic or holy water could do much against them. Some anti-mosquito spray should do the trick though.

(You didn't really think this will turn out to be a real horror story, did you? Though some of these photos creeped me out even as I was writing the article) 

Yours truly


  1. I never liked to visit a cemetery, they always give me the creeps and here in Lisbon I always find them to be very sad places (a lot of cement, very little gardens). I am glad you liked to visit it!

  2. This cemetery looks absolutely beautiful, and indeed very creepy! The statues are so melancholic. I would love to visit this place one day!

  3. Such an interesting post, so captivating but creepy at the same time.

  4. I love it all your pics I love it the cemeteries and yeah I know that can be a bit creepy but all your pics are amazing, I love it the previous pic before where you shared were the mosquitoes bite you.

  5. This was such an interesting article, Vita! I can't say that I had fun reading ( I am a big scardy cat when it comes to horror stories/movies etc), but I was definitely entertained!
    I am not a big fan of cemeteries as a grown up, but I remember that I quite liked them when I was a child, everything just seemed so interesting and, well, I was a curious child! :)


  6. haha! I did feel creeped out, especially with the photos of the statues throughout the post haha. Phew they were only mosquito bites! :)

    Metallic Paws