I guess this is another outfit you'd never expect from me. I never wear sneakers in the city (unless I'm doing sports), and I opted for them solely because we were planning to walk from Myeongdong to Chungmuro, pass through the Hanok village, walk up Namsan hill and walk down to Seoul Station, which is better done in actual sports shoes. If it was warmer, I would have had several outfits available to match with the purpleish blue and pink, but given the average of 5 °C in Seoul, putting an outfit together was much tougher. In the end, I was wearing shorts, two tank tops, sweater, dress and the oversized sweatshirt. And of course tights. 
I'll admit it makes me look sort of bigger, especially since I wasn't wearing heels, but I think it's still OK. Also, bare-looking legs are pretty common in Seoul around this time, so I didn't look that weird.

Handbag-worn-as-backpack photos

The layers that can be seen:
Dress: off brand, eBay
Sweatshirt: T-Bird, second hand, Seoul
 Sneakers: E-Mart, Seoul
Bag: off brand, Prague

Yours truly


  1. Tak kabelku, která se dá nosit jako batoh bych nutně potřebovala.. A dost velkou, abych v ní mohla nosit notebook a A4 papíry do práce. :D Nejdříve jsem nosila tašku přes rameno, teď batoh na notebook, ale ten prostě nevypadá elegantně, spíše jako bych vyrazila na hory. :P

  2. I love this outfit. For me sneakers are alright in the weekend... I am very sad I have to "dress right" in my job nowadays :( I miss wearing sneakers everyday :( I also like the cowl (: