On Sale Now, Hot Again in 2015: F/F 2015 Trends I'd Buy Now

 OK, please excuse my horrible job at magical wand... Apparently I have a long way to go with editing programs. It doesn't help that I forgot to install my Corel and I'm stuck with Paint.
The awful presentation aside, my point after browsing through all the fashion shows for RTW Fall/Pre-fall 2015 is that both oversized coats and houndstooth are here to stay at least until the next season, so for the trend-conscious people: do stock up during the sales now!

Runway: Big coats

Sales at Doota: 83 000 KRW (80 Euros)
70% Wool 

 Sales at Doota: 49 000 KRW (47 Euros)

BTW, these two coats do look quite similar to those on the right size of my awfully put together collage.

Houndstooth runway

Second hand - 2 000 KRW (2 Euros)

Second hand - 5 500 KRW (5 Euros)

Yours truly horrible at editing photos

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