Italy Trip - Venice (photos and tips)

Hi everybody, are you enjoying your holidays? I landed in Prague shortly before Christmas, so I've been busy catching up with my family and friends. I'll let you know about my winter break later! Merry Christmas :)

I won't bother you with details of our anniversary celebration, but I'll give you a couple of quick tips:

1) If you plan to visit the islands such as Murano and Burano and plan to move a lot around Venice, buy the 24 hour water bus ticket, it will pay off. It can be bought on board - just tell the staff you want to purchase one BEFORE boarding.

2) Gondolas are tourist traps, they are overpriced and the gondoliers are rude as hell. In my opinion they are not worth the money at all. Plus there are so many of them that you will be riding in a gondola queue most of the time. If by all means you have to ride it, you can get slightly more decently priced tickets for group rides (6 people).

3) If you're riding a group gondola, mind the way you sit. We wanted to switch places with another couple that we befriended before just to take photos and then we were forced to stay that way for the entire ride - which made us feel really bad because we ended up stealing the more picturesque spot without planning to do so.

4) Many restaurants, if you ask for recommendations, will still go the outdated way of recommending the most expensive thing on the menu and proceed to treat you in a way ruder manner than before if you order something normal instead.

5) Accomodation is expensive, you will be charged for visitor tax and if staying in a hostel, you will be charged separately for linens and towels. If you bring them with you, you might avoid being charged for theirs - we had our towels and we got discount (thanks to Gerald's Filipino haggling ability).


Yours truly


  1. You must be having such a great time, happy holidays to you. There's that outfit I love so much with the pretty yellow. It sounds really interesting, I often thought it would have been fun to ride a gondola

  2. Nádhera. :) Sice jsem tam taky byla, ale už dost dávno a hlavně jsem nejela na gondole, to musí být super :)