Italy Trip - Milan

At the end of September (I know, that was already 3 months ago), we had our 1 year anniversary with Gerald. Since Gerald loves Italy and the Filipino movie Milan, it was decided we will celebrate it by a trip to Milan, Venice and Copenhagen, with Venice being the highlight of the trip. Apparently, we were on trend as George Clooney was getting married there at the same time.
Given the schedule of our train, we were only able to see Milan at night when most monuments and stores were closed. The city is getting ready for the 2015 expo, which will be about food - very exciting event for everybody in FIPDes.
And a small tip for fashionistas - Italian magazines release thin runway specials whenever there is a new season coming up for 2 - 4 Euros - a fraction of the cost UK/US magazines sell them for. There is a big bookstore/magazine store in the shopping streets near Duomo, so definitely check it for special issues of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire etc. If you speak French or Spanish, you'll be able to pick up the commentary of the outfits too.

A cheap pizza fast food near Duomo open until the wee hours - very popular with locals trying to grab a quick snack late at night.


On the train table in front of me, you can see part of one of the runway special issues. Sorry that I forgot to take photos of the mags before sending them to Prague with my parents.

I know that photos of the sky as you're on a plane became infamous on the internet as a way to brag how exciting your life is, but I though these were really pretty and worth sharing.


Yours truly


  1. Great sky view and building :D


  2. Oh very cute pics sweetie, I love it your top


  3. waow!!! what a wonderful trip!!!! you look so beautiful and glamorous! and your boyfriend is very handsome!!! i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!

  4. Wow you go to such exciting places. This is also one of my favourite outfits of yours, it is beautiful.

  5. (Vita I just now realized I made some comments with my bf account sorry (: anyway Merry Christmas!)

  6. Lindas fotos :)


  7. Musím uznat, že ikdyž tyhle fotky z letadel taky nemusím, ty Tvé jsou nádherné :) A na živo to teprve musí být nádhera.. myslím že takový výhled na hory jsem ještě neměla, ale v živé paměti mám výhledy na krásně barevné moře. :)