Review: Lancome Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara (05: So Ruby!)

If you remember, I bought this mascara back in Paris during the New Year sales. Normally it retails for around 30 E and it was 50% off, making it a bit less than 15 E. I would never pay the original price for a mascara, but 15 is within my usual mascara price range and I really liked the design of the packaging.

Sorry for the awful pictures, the lighting in my room in MIAA was a disaster.

Note the number 5 on the above picture - I didn't pay any attention to it, which I should have. 

The packaging is gorgeous. I like the soft and sleek shape, subtle rose print and the name and logo. It's sort of mature-cute. I'm not sure if the actual cavity inside has the same shape, but if it does, it's quite nice because the bottom part is wider than the upper part, hence I would expect the mascara to be waster less than in the usual tubular packaging. But I guess I won't know unless I cut the packaging afterwards. It's also quite easy to get just the right amount of mascara, though I find it necessary to wipe the end of the brush. 

Brush and colour:
 Since I had no idea that number 05 was the code for "So Ruby!", I as seriously shocked when I saw the maroon/aubergine shade. However, on black lashes it looks very natural, definitely not like a abused killer doll. The mascara is rather thick, but not uncomfortable to use.
The brush has quite a convenient shape to reach also tiny lashes in the corners of the eye and bottom lashes, but since it's rather bulky and thick, it's also easy to get it on your lids if you don't use mascara guard (the thing that you put between your lashes and eyelid and all of the excess mascara lands on it).  

Lasting power:
It stays the whole day without moving, survives rain (and rain in Ireland is RAIN) and only falls off a bit after you sleep in it (not that you should do that). It's not difficult to remove though, so it's really perfect from this point of view.

What it looks like:
First picture is without any mascara and eyeliner, just with neutral make up. The following pictures show one, two and three layers, respectively on my right eye (the eye that's on the left on the photo). I brushed my lashes between the coats. Sorry for the sparkliness, my powder and eye shadow are sparkly and it looks pretty weird on the detailed shots.

You can quite clearly see that it lengthens and lifts a lot, which I like because I never curl my lashes (I refuse to believe curling does not damage them). The thickening effect is not very strong, but clumping is also very minor - come on, I have 3 coats on! Below are detailed shots at 1, 2 and 3 coats, respectively. You can aslo see I smeared some of the mascara on my lids >.<.


No mascara vs. both eyes done with 3 coats 

Complete look with eyeliner (eyeliner adds more thickness):

Good value for 15 E, probably not worth 30 E though.

Stays on perfectly
Very little clumping
Very natural

Could me more thickening

Yours truly


  1. your lashes are so long and lovely without mascara already! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. Ooo, what an interesting post! I hate how mascara commercials and ads always portray lashes looking like perfect fake lashes - I don't think that's possible with just mascara! I always use L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof. :)

    1. Thanks :) Actually, I guess I've never really tried L'Oreal's mascaras, though I heard some of them are really good.

  3. Oh very gorgeous the effect of this mascara is very great~


  4. OMG!! I'M SOLD!!!! i need to get one tube of that mascara!!! pretty peepers babe <3


    1. Hahaha, I hope Lancome will give me part of their profit now =D. Thanks <3

  5. This sounds great and looks very pretty. It sure does lift them which is important. I feel exactly the same about curling eyelashes. Also packaging is a big selling feature for me and that sleek design is fabulous

  6. Wow, ještě že ta barva tak na řasách nevypadá :D

  7. Waow i love the effect and the vert wide eyelashes