Monthsary Celebration, AKA Gerald's Tips for a Romantic Date in Paris

I'm really late with this post - we celebrated out first month together on October 27! But I'm almost in time for Valentine's day tips, so it's not that bad, right? (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

So, here is a little inspiration on how to spend a romantic date in Paris!

You will need:
1) Filipino boyfriend (for other nationalities, perform a check of their attitude to romance first)
2) Comfortable shoes
3) Good weather
4) Lock and water resistant marker
5) Camera

We have a specific arrangement with Gerald - we take turns in organizing our monthsaries. Gerald volunteered to prepare the first, so I was told to get a cake and some food and not worry about the rest. I also got us a lock (an obligatory thing if you're in Paris long enough to visit Pont des Arts) and cutified it. ^^

In the morning, I heard a knock on my door. Since I wasn't sure what was Gerald planning, I ignored the knock and quickly put on some clothes and skin care (since for all I knew, I might have been forced to go out the way I was). Since I was apparently taking long, Thu knocked on my door saying I should take a look:

I obeyed, got lost (hey, MIAA is big, OK?) and finally arrived to the post boxed in the reception:

(✿ ♥‿♥)

The card said I was supposed to be ready by 2 PM, so I had plenty of time to decorate my wall with the post-its. 


Of course I dressed up for the occasion, I opted for something I thought was kinda French.

I baked quiche Lorraine

And bought some cake (not an easy thing if your boyfriend is allergic to nuts and chocolate).

At 2, we met in the reception and Gerald took me to the RER, heading Gerald-knew-where. I was still pretty clueless when we got off the metro in Montmartre - but not for a long time, since the "I love you: the wall", our first stop, was very close. I received a big flower with post-its naming 30 reasons why Gerald loved me and a box with four little gifts placed in a bed of flowers. The first gift, which I was allowed to open, had the same list as the post-its. Not only did I appreciate the gifts, but also the fact that Gerald could even find 30 reasons to like me (with my personality, I'm not a very likeable person =D).

We climbed up the Montmartre hill and instead of Sacre Coeur, we headed to a small Jesuit church next door. I was allowed to open the second gift chocolate coins to bring us luck) and I got to know more about Gerald, as there was a very specific reason why he chose this church as one of the stops. And it was my first time praying in my whole life (well, I'm Czech after all).

Windy >____<

I thought Moulin Rouge was our next stop, but actually it was just on the way, so it did not count.

While taking pictures in front of the mill, a random guy asked if he could take a picture with me. I guess my outfit was a bit OTT after all.

Our third stop was Pont des Arts. And the third gift was a lock. So, we ended up with two locks, but we can hang mine on some bridge in Dublin later.

Finding a free spot is really difficult!

Then we walked a bit around Quai Branly

Malls in the Philippines:



And our last stop: Trocadéro! Why? Because Gerald asked me out on top of Eiffel tower. ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ

The last gift was a candle - for our anniversary cake. But since we don't smoke and neither are we candle freaks, we had no lighter or matches. After stalking a couple of smokers around Trocadéro, we asked two British ladies if they could give us some light. They were happy to share, but the wind made it very difficult. When we finally got the candle lighted, we realized we needed somebody to take a picture, so we approached them with puppy eyes again. When Gerald happily informed them it was our first month together, they thought we were either totally adorable or totally naive and asked to take a picture with us. So I think we made into a funny travel story in Britain.
So, let's hope that on September 27 2014, we will be able to re-use our "1" candle for our first year together! ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙♡ 

Yours truly


  1. this is so cute to read :) I am glad you both had an amazing time can't wait to see what you'll do for your one year anniversary! (:

  2. You are too adorable for words, this is beautiful and looks wonderful in all ways. I am so in love with the red skirt and the bow is such a pretty and perfect finish.

  3. Moc vám to spolu sluší. <3

  4. How romantic and how lovely.
    Thank you for not forgeting me , dear Vita.

  5. So beautiful and romantic! .)

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