Chased Away...

... by a Cite Universitaire employee who insisted on helping me find the person I must have been really desperately searching for instead of just letting me take my outfit photos in peace. I'm not sure what is more embarrassing - when passers-by realize you're some sort of attention-freak who takes pictures of herself to display on the internet, or when people get the wrong idea as to why you're roaming deserted places with a shabby camera, looking for makeshift stands of approximately the height of a tripod. Hence why my outfit was shot at 3 different locations that day...

Dress: second hand, Yoyogi flea market, Tokyo
Sweater: HandM, Germany
Belt: second hand, Textile House, Prague
Knee-high socks: Orsay, Germany
Shoes: Off brand, Auchan Okabé, Paris
Bag: Carpisa, gift from either Italy or Germany
Gloves: "Mommy, I lost my gloves and you already have another red pair... {◕ ω ◕}"

It was too windy to take proper hair style pictures - I wore a small sideways ponytail with a ribbon and pinned half of my bangs backwards as well.

A very unsafe length for Belleville. If I got 50 cents for every comment I received, I could have bought that pretty dress that was kinda outta my budget.

And to prove I wear my micro-skirts beyond the cité walls: dinner with Gerald's friends near Gare du Nord (do not wear this length unless you go there with your boyfriend or a male friend. Actually don't go there unless you really have to.). I look like a ghost. =D

Yours truly


  1. Me and my friends all agree that Gare du Nord is not the place to go alone, usually when you go there you can totally see who is a tourist and who isn't. I like your outfit very much! stay well and warm!

  2. That is a really beautiful outfit, Vita! I love the warm colors you chose, brown and red go so well together! :)
    Those flats are adorable, I would love to find something similar!


  3. My dear Vita you look like a cute15 year old not the scientist you are and that is FABULOUSSSSSSSSSS.

  4. you look so cute dear :D


  5. so sweet & cute! love the tiny ribbon tie u added to your hair <3


  6. Oh sweetie very cute outfit, I love it your skirt~


  7. To je tak krásné! Hlavně ta kabelka s bambulkama, tu bych taky chtěla :3
    Jinak ty barvy s tím kabátem a tak celkově mi to přijde takové mírně historické, retro.. Nevím co mi to přesně připomíná za dobu ale strašně moc se mi to líbí :)