Curry Rice

I know I''m (once again) totally behind on checking out your blogs, but my final exams are approaching rapidly and I'm trying pretty hard to balance studying like crazy and having some sort of personal life as well... Not to mention preparations for UTRIP. Anyway, here's my version of the popular Japanese dish, curry rice.

- Wash until water is clear
- Add water corresponding to 7/6 volumes of the dry rice volume (e.g. 120 g rice = 140 ml water)
- Let the rice soak for 10 minutes
- Cover the pot with a lid, boil on maximum heat for 1 min
- Boil on medium heat for 10 min
- Boil on very low heat for 20 min
- Take the pot off the heat and let the rice wait for 20 min (don't remove the lid)

- Cut meat (whatever meat you prefer) into small cubes and fry shortly on a low amount of oil on high heat
- Cut onion, celery, parsley and carrot (or similar kinds of vegetables) into small pieces and fry shortly on lower heat. You can make flower-shaped carrot peices by cutting out triangular prisms (or something like that?) from carrot cylinders.

- Cut potatoes into small cubes, add them to the pan and also add peas, if you like. Pour a lot of water inside the pan, cover with a lid and stew for some 30 min.
- Add curry cubes (sold in Japanese grocery stores), stew for additional 20 min.
- Decorate with carrot flowers and scallion.

Yours truly


  1. The carrots remind me of those Japanese bento boxes that have all the crazy vegetable cut-outs in various shapes. Where did you find your carrot cylinder?



    1. Ah, sorry, I meant just that the carrots have kinda cylindrical shape :)

  2. This looks so delicious and i love carrots so much. I want to try it one day.