Barrandov and New Glasses

SOme time ago, I was invited on a trip to Barrandov Rocks (one of the parts of Prague that doesn't really look like a city) by a special someone. We didn't manage to find the correct way, but we had a fairly nice walk anyway, despite the heavy clouds that decided we hadn't showered for a long time. The picture above is taken from a place right besides a huge motorway - it looks pretty peaceful down there, doesn't it?

Pražáci mohou zkusit své štěstí dle této mapy.

And since we met up in Dejvice between the two main technical universities (one for chemistry, the other for civil engineering, IT, nuclear physics etc.), where there are sakura trees, I thought I'd show you sakura bloom "snow".

And here are my new glasses - I like them better than the old ones. (^___^)

Also, this is most likely the last Wed post (sorry (^___^;;) )for the next couple of weeks, as I'd rather spend the little free time I have seeing the special someone than writing blog posts (*^-^*) (even though that someone said I looked better in blog photos than IRL XD. So next time I say "well I don't look that bad IRL", you know you can't believe me.). 

Yours truly


  1. Those are really nice glasses! the side detailing is very pretty! :)


  2. the glasses look great on you, and you have a pretty profile view! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. This is so pretty and i love your outfit and hedband too.