I haven't seen the movie, but I have seen the posters. Also, I think I have seen way too many Katy Perry videos. The key features of the make up are:
1) Too much of everything
2) Pale complexion, subtle blush, no shading whatsoever
3) Bright silver-blue eyeshadows
4) Thick cat eye brown eyeliner and false lashes
5) Bold lipstick in raspberry-blueberry cocktail (mixed 2 shades of creamy lipsticks - YSL and Oriflame)
6) Strong, exagerrated brows

I like how eye-catching my face looks without being beautiful - you can see my skin is not photoshop-smooth, I have occassional freckles and birth marks and it's certainly too strong for real life. But I felt like I needed to go over the top to match the larger than life wig, and I think the whole look is pretty memorable and draws you in. when I saw the pictures Asinx took, it felt like movie snapshots to me - I could almost imagine some vague storyline behind the scenes. 

Primer: Catrice - Prime and Fine (the same as the L'Oreal one and 80% cheaper)
Eye shadow primers and concealers: Benefit - Eye Bright, Lemon Aid, Erase Paste
Make up: Vichy
Powder: Stargazer (white)
Blush: don't remember, sorry
Eyeshadows and eyeliner: Sephora, Oriflame
Mascara: stila - forever your curl, curl memory mascara
Eyebrow powder: Catrice (believe me, it's as good as Benefit eyebrow set and 90% cheaper)
Lashes: NOYL - 5 P value pack, straight long (6.70 USD at sasa.com), cut in half
Lipsticks: YSL Rouge Volupté in 9, Oriflame LOVE - Love Pink
Nails: Essence in 53 - You belong to me

Yours truly


  1. Your make-up is really pretty, I love the color of your lipstick, really!

  2. It's a very pretty make up. These colors are great on you. Love your lipstick.
    Un très beau maquillage !

  3. Krásné.. a ta paruka Ti tady opravdu moc sluší :)