Outskirts of Agony

I'm really late to catch up on trends, so even though I made the blouse last year (tutorial here, styling tips here), I only got around to sewing the skirt and belt this year, and only because Asinx promised she'd take the pics for me. The outfit is inspired by the LV spring 2012 collection, but the styling is totally different. My original idea was natural, mermaid-like make up and hair. But then it went Katy Perry and I guess the overall atmosphere ran wild and became kinda retro pin up girl/housewife-like. Anyway, I quite liked it - I think I made weird faces in some of the photos, but I'll trust Asinx with her choices. BTW, how do you like the wig? I don't think I'll be wearing it to uni, but for pics, it's not bad, considering it cost me 8 USD.

I'll post tutorials and pattern making instructions for the skirt (and belt) sometime in the future - please be patient, tutorials are really time-consuming and well, I don't think anyone uses them anyway, even though they're requested quite a bit...

Next time, I'll post make up details.

Skirt, belt, blouse: DIY
Pumps: Mixer
Coat: F&F
Wig: eBay

Photos by: Asinx (Thaaank you! <3)

Yours truly


  1. Lovely outfit! <3 xoxo


  2. Is that the wig you were talking about? Doesn't it feel lovely to wear long hair? :D

    The one thing that I've found from my own wig is that they tend to look better under indoor lighting >< outdoor lighting tends to make them look more plastic-y and shiny.

    Your outfit is lovely! I especially love the shoes :)

  3. You are very classy and elegant in this outfit. Love these pieces and colors together.
    Un style parfait.

  4. I love:
    1.- to see you outdoors, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    2.-Your lovely hair
    3.- your perfect fit and length skirt.
    My always magic, Vita.

  5. your friend takes really great pictures! You look so different with the long hair, I know it's a wig but it changes your face completelly!

  6. haha i would also like to be born as a pretty and skinny korean girl. You made that shirt? Girl you are so talented! You look great in long hair! I'm trying to grow my hair out like that!


  7. I love the vintage look. Amazing skirt! :)

  8. Didn't even recognize you at first! :)
    It's so cool that you made your shirt by yourself! And I really like the colors you used in your outfit!