My First Try at Macarons & Citrus Tart

Taste: Great
Looks: ... ... OK, BAD! I don't have the correct diameter of the pastry bag tip, so I need to figure out the best ratio between macaron diameter and pastry bag tip diameter. Also, the dough - when made exactly as the recipe goes - is too runny, so I need to figure that out too. Or find a different recipe.

Citrus Tart
Taste: Supposedly good (I haven't tried it, so this is just what the survivors from my lab said.)
Recipe: Make tart dough following your favorite recipe (usually all you need is flour, butter, water and salt). Peel the citruses (I used lemon, lime, orange) and slice them. Bake the tart dough until it's almost done, then put the citruses on, optionally sprinkle with sugar and put back in the oven for a little while. Meanwhille, prepare jelly from the citrus juice, sugar and gelatine. Add a lot of sugar to the jelly! When the tart is done, pour the jelly on and let it in the fridge overnight. I like to make decorative edges on my tarts, this time I used a cookie cutter in moon shape to cut all of these half-moons.

Yours truly


  1. OHHHHH it looks so tasty I love the colors it remind me of summer ^^

  2. Your first attempt at macarons looks a lot better than my first! And the tart looks fab :) Ann x

  3. Looks delicious!


  4. Everything looks so delicious. What a yummy citrus tart! One of my favorite dessert.
    Tout est bon et donne faim.

  5. That tart looks too good! I would really love to try out the recipe as it looks delicious!


  6. Everything looks delicious and your tart is so pretty, I wanna try mine too now!

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