Holy Moly

Like, I put together an outfit I really like, and then I find out that I didn't forget to pull the curtains - it was that dark outside, at noon! Holy moly! At least it was really warm, so I could get away with going out like this and not freezing. I wanted this outfit to be slightly Christmas-y, because I was going to visit my high school chemistry teacher on the last day of school before the end of the world holidays. It was awesome, because her colleague, a biology teacher, who is the most amazing biology teacher (and a great woman and human being in general), was also there, and when the three of us get together... well, holy moly again.

Also, let me tell you about two weird encounters I had the two days before. 


I rushed to my dietology/nutrition class and since I only have a ten minute break at noon, I was really looking forward to at least wolfing down a slice of pizza I got in the morning (yeah, yummy, but once I didn't have time to finish my ramen before the class, and I had to wait 1,5 h to eat it, and you can imagine what it tasted like, so a cold pizza was like nectar). Oh, this got complicated. Anyway, I didn't see my friend who's taking the class as well, there was just this annoying guy I don't like but who always talks to my friend, so it can't be helped. I greteed him and asked about my friend (who obviously only needed to powder her nose, so to say), and being done with the conversation, took out the pizza. To avoid looking like I had the tiniest intention of talking to him, I turned so that he saw my profile at best. And suddenly I hear "OMG, is your skirt weird, or are you really THIS FAT? I mean, it's not like you're pregnant, right?". Well, I almost choked on the pizza and instead of pushing him down the stairs or beating him until he'd become the experimental rats' dinner, I just mumbled something about the skirt being gathered and multiple layers, and swore to dispise him even more in the future. Ironically, the topic that day was anorexia and bulimia, and obviously the guy acted like "how can girls be this retarded and go on extreme diets" all the time.
I should have just wringed his neck, but my self-esteem was at zero, because I overslept and didn't do my hair and make-up, so I felt like an ugly duckling.


I was standing in front of the library, taking down my backpack, and since my skirt pulled up a bit, I was pulling it down, standing with my back towards the corridor. Suddenly, a male being, aged between a Ph.D student and a Sigma-Aldrich dealer, said: "Miss, don't get scared... but, like, it's almost Christmas, so I gotta tell you... you have exquisite legs. Really great." Me: "Lol WUT thanks..." And then he just left. So, I'll happily continue wearing frilly microskirts because I'm not a mammoth. However, the same day I was asked if I really was eighteen while getting sake for my uncle, so I hope this guy wasn't a pedo, lol.    

Skirt/sukně: Zara (Paris)
Blouse/halenka: second hand
Jacket/sako: second hand (Reserved)
Belt/pásek: DIY
Brooch/brož: handmade by my mum/upaličkovaná mamkou
knit/svetr: Colosseum (Bautzen)
Necklace/náhrdelník: old pearl necklace + single earring/starý náhrdelník + náušnice
Clip-ons/klipsy: I Am
Headband/čelenka: Claire's
Pumps/boty: Mixer
Bag/kabelky: Deichman (Bautzen) 

Yours truly


  1. Jako vždy dokonalé :) A závidím všechny ty úlovky ze second handu.. Mi se nikdy žádný takový nepodařil

  2. Looove Thursday so much... Your legs look just flawless and it's elegant and sexy in one!

    1. Thank you! My legs could loose some fat and gain some muscles though :)

  3. Such a delight to see your pretty face, my dear Vita.

  4. great look doll...you have really original style...
    love your blog...what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog...
    kiss and have an happy day

    the simple life of rich people blog
    instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
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  5. Extremely cute outfit!And I really like your hair :)

    The annoying guy is so rude,you're very beautiful and not fat at all!