Bautzen: Christmas Markets

One of my friends said I spent more time in Germany than in Prague, which is not the case, but I do go to Germany or Austria several times a year, and I always visit Christmas markets in at least one city I haven't been to before. And I thought that especially my readers who don't live in the central Europe area might be interested in seeing them. We call Bautzen something like "Budishi:n" in Czech, in case you find that interesting. You don't? OK, let's move on. I'm posting the pics in the order I had them in my camera, so the order is more or less chronological. And I'm super lazy today, and my smart Czech readers speak English anyway, right? So, for once, I can get away with posting only in English, can't I?

Our first stop was an observation tower at Löbauer Berg. It was closed, which we found out after climbing on top of the steep, completely frozen Berg. Like, seriously, I expected an elevator up there, or at least some gravel on the road! Germany, what's happening to your carefulness? Anyway, I knew we were going to climb there. But I thought we were going to only climb the tower. So I wore my 9 cm heels. Most of the journey was quite OK, I mean, you can use the heels as ice axes, if you stomp real hard. But then we got to a very very steep part. That was pretty challenging, but I decided not to give up. While I was grumpily marching, looking probably like a pink grizzly bear, a guy walking a bit ahead of me slowed down, which I immediatelly decided was an attempt to be the first one to see me fall down and swish down the hill on my butt. I was totally surprised when he actually offered to hold my hand so that I DID NOT fall. No wonder I later discovered he was from Russia or Belarus (sorry, I can't tell the languages apart!). I mean, it's said that guys from these countries are muuuuch nicer and gentlemanly than Czechs. It was so nice of him! Shame on you, Czech men (not that you read this blog anyway), none of you helped me! 

So, after climbing the hill (with a little bit of gentle help)...

Yeah! I can sleep anytime, anywhere. *Posted solely so that you get to see my frost-proof pink grizzly bear outfit*  

Much later on, my mum caught me while I was trying to buy four almost identical pairs of shoes. She took a (very unflattering) pic of me to keep as evidence, so I had to give up 3 of them (I only bought the first pair).

So, I finally have pink booties! Yay! But I'm totally going to get the mint ones if they happen to be on sale in January, because I miscalculated the price in CZK (25 E) and I thought they were much more expensive! I mean, I haven't bought any gift for myself since being awarded the scholarship, and even though I do don't plan to spend all the money, I think I deserve a little something to reward myself for cramming like crazy last year.

Sick of the tower yet? No? OK, here you go!

The only meal I'd had during the whole day. Tempura German Style? 

3, 2, 1... GO!

20 seconds later (OK, I'm gross, I know)

(And I had a happy meal later on, but I didn't eat the toy.)

This was so creepy, I literally got chills while taking the pictures. You glad I'm a masochist so that you can get chills too, right?

*Shrugs* On to more optimistic pictures! The stalls!

The shopping centre:

Some important buildings. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the simultaneous church. :(

These wooden sceneries are a typical German thing. I mean, this and Bratwurst.


Yours truly


  1. Oh Vita I do love the photos!!! I love it and I love xmas markets too! ^^ hahahaha although I can't pronounce it, that shoe store is my favorite other than the Portuguese ones! I always keep a pair of shoes every season that I have from there. They are really cheap and do the trick!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the prices are quite OK, especially when there are sales. I've seen pumps for like 10 E.

  2. Já chci taky na pořádné trhy. T_T U nás byly docela směšné, ani trdelník neměli. :-/
    A ty boty chci taky! *_*

    1. Aha, tak tady v Praze je ( a v Bautzenu byl taky), ale já zatím letos žádný neměla. XD

  3. haha you are so cute! I love the shoes you bought, the pink and mint colours are adorable.

    and thanks for the comment- about that sugarlips lace black dress I agree! I thought it was kinda weird that the hem looked so unfinished and rough but I think they were going for that sort of look :P

    Metallic Paws

    1. Thanks!

      Oh I see about the hem, hopefully the lace won't tear.

  4. Lovely photos and atmosphere, my dear Vita. Love the creapy dolls, ahahahhahaha

  5. these phtoos are AMAZING!


  6. This was a really nice entry to read! I love your writing style, and the photos were fantastic to look at :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really happy you like the way I write! <3

  7. *tl;dr comment coming your way, run while you still can*

    Omg it's a Weihnachtsmarkt^^ I didn't even go this year, I'm lame I know. But now I've seen your beautiful pictures which is just as good as the real deal but much better for my wallet^^

    Your outfit is amazing and you look so beautiful, it's no wonder the gentleman offered his help^^ No Germie (that's what I call them and I'm sticking to it) ever did anything like that for me either, so it's not just Czech guys who are sometimes rude to ladies^^

    Also I used to love that breaded shrimp stuff before I went vegan, and with that sauce... so good! Eat some for me the next time you go, will you? *nibbles on tofu*

    Great post Vita, I always love your writing style and pictures!^^

    1. Thanks so much, Nita! I'm really happy this post made you feel like being at the markets in person. :) Haha, sure, I'll eat twice the amount next time - in your place as well. I love tofu too though. :)