OK, does anyone have any idea why my camera continues to make such crappy pictures? Do you think that a 3 m distance between me and the camera is too much? I guess I'll try digging up a tripod...
Anyway, this was my outfit for a family dinner. I used a mini, bodycon lace dress as a blouse and I also got the ugly necklace just to go with the skirt and I only bought it because my brother generously offered me his 300 CZK credit at H&M. I mean, it's seriously tacky, but it was also the only think that works with this kind of pink. 

Netušíte někdo, proč můj foťák soustavně produkuje takhle nekvalitní fotky? Myslíte, že to je tou třímetrovou vzdáleností mezi ním a mnou? Asi bych měla vyhrabat stativ...
Kvalitu fotek stranou, zde je můj komplet, s nímž jsme se vytasila na rodinnou večeři. Jako halenku jsem použila obepnuté krajkové šaty, přidala krajkovou sukni a ohavný náhrdelník, který jsem si koupila pouze proto, že to je jediná věc, co ladí k té sukni, a protože jsem ho díky bráchově štědré nabídce, že můžu využít jeho 300 Kč slevovou poukázku, měla zadarmo.   

Lace dress/šaty: off brand/neznačkové, second hand
Skirt/sukně: H&M
Pumps/boty: Mixer
Headband/čelenka: I Am
Necklace/náhrdelník: H&M
Bag/kabelka: inherited + a carpisa bag strap/zděděný + popruh z kabelky od Carpisy
Bracelets/náramky: second hand

Yours truly


  1. Did you use artificial light in these pictures? My camera sometimes has problems with that kind of light, and it all gets a weird kind of blurry and the colors are off. Maybe that's the problem :)

    You look beyond beautiful as always, and I'm amazed you managed to make the combination of black and pink look so fresh and classy. Most people just end up looking like a ~Scene Kid wearing it! I especially love the little things like the chain on the bag and your Mary Jane pumps... you have such a great collection of shoes! :)

    1. Oh, right, this was in the evening, so I suppose just changing the bulb for a whiter one didn't really help that much. Thanks, it didn't occur to me at first.

      And thank you very much! <3 But I guess I really wear these Mary Janes (either nude or black) most of the time, so I'm not sure how I'll survive winter. XD

  2. This is a perfect combination of colours! So beautiful! And the necklace is not tacky! It really depends what you wear it with :) Wonderful outfit!

  3. Hello! Have you tried working with the ISO (higher ISO's for low light) and the exposure? Maybe it will help! I love your skirt sweetie, I was about to buy one like that, but it did not work for me:\ oh well... have a nice time!

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip! <3 I'm an idiot, but I'll ask my photographer friend to help me with the settings.

      That's too bad the skirt didn't work, but I bet there must be some you'll like in the new autumn collections. ;)