Korean Food (Supermarkets): Part 2

Green Tea Latte 3in1 Mix
You can buy these mixes from a ton of different brands for varying prices. This particular one wasn't too impressive, to be honest.

Green Tea Roll
E-Mart has their own label called "Peacock", under which they also sell European-style pastries. Normally I was too stingy to buy them for the full price, but since I finished work really late anyways, I'd always check on the sales for products expiring soon, and when it went on sale, I'd buy it. The green tea roll was particularly good, the sponge cake was very fluffy and the cream had just the right amount of sweetness.

Again, I'm too cheap to buy one piece of nigiri sushi for 700 KRW, but getting 12 pieces for 4000 KRW? Great deal! 

Macaron Ice Cream
These were so popular last summer. You could get them from street vendors in popular areas, from bakeries and also supermarkets. Lotte had a rather affordable and tasty version for some 2500 - 3500 KRW. 

Chocolate Milk
Did I mention how expensive both milk and soy milk are in Korea? Luckily, they seem to have only cold-storage milk rather than the shelf-stable version, so it was pretty common to find some on sale in the expiring shelf of E-Mart. 

Bulgogi Burger
Well, it's better than what McDo tries to pass as 1 Euro burger these days in Germany. Above: another flavor of Lotte macaron ice cream. 

Kitkat Sakura Chocolate
Who doesn't love Japanese kitkat flavors, right? 

Persimmon juice and Jeju orange juice
I love fresh persimmons and dried persimmons, but I hated this juice so much. It was sickeningly sweet and chalky. >.< On the other hand, juice made from Jeju oranges is the best - there are several brands and I think all of them are really good. 

Chestnut snack
Nothing amazing. 

Fruit Jelly
  These are actually not a Korean snack, but I quite like them since it's a low-cal fix for sweet craving and a really light snack for hot summer months.

New Snacks
I noticed a new crispy snack, and as a FIPDes student, I had to test it, of course. The blueberry one was pretty bad, but the "Arabic" flavor one was actually really tasty. 

 Crispy Rice Ball Snack
The packaging is so cute, and the extruded rice crackers are really really tasty.

Fancy Pear Juice
So this little pouch of 100 ml costs over 1000 KRW. That is 10 000 KRW/1 L. I have no idea how it tastes since I got it for my mum to drink on her flight back, but I thought it was interestingto share this concept of mini drink pouches anyway.

Instant Chapchae 
Not bad, though of course home-made one is much tastier.

This brand was OK, but actually E-Mart's own brand was much better. 

This is so good! It's like 1000 - 1500 KRW and it even comes with a small bag of katsuobushi or other toppings. 

Plum Juice
My professor said it's good for digestion, so I'd always keep some around in case. It's delicious both ice-cold and heated up. 

Pudding-y Thing
So these <100 g expensive cups with cute packaging appeared all over supermarkets, and finally I snatched one on expiry sale - the taste was seriously disappointing. 

Black Tea Spread
OK, this is actually from a DIY market, not supermarket. It was 7000 KRW I think, but really tasty. 

Rice Cakes
These are from a rice cake shop in Insadong area. You can get all sorts of delicious rice cakes - chewy, crispy, with filling, plain, western-style... Just buy in reasonable quantities, as they get moldy rather fast. 

Paris Baguette Macaron Ice Cream
Quite similar to the Lotte ones actually, but comes in different flavors and with a higher price tag.

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  1. How amazing!!! I would love to go to Korea :)


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  2. Oh the Frozen macarons and the sushi seem amazing. And I would happily try out all the rest!