Travelling: Seoul Grand Park

Despite being over a year late with this post, it's actually a good timing since the Rose Garden in Seoul Grand Park should be in full bloom now - which it sadly wasn't when we visited last April. 

But to start from the beginning - it was always a challenge to choose our Sunday exploration with Anette. Finishing work late night Saturday and having to be back by early Monday morning, our choices of out-of-Seoul trips was limited to those we could comfortably manage to do in just one day. Hoping for a nice spring outing in nature, we opted for the Seoul Grand Park. Unfortunately, it was a rainy and cloudy day and I still remember how we rode the train home drenched to the bone. Nevertheless, the location was still charming and had a rather mysterious, misty and nostalgic feel.

In the park, there are many attractions, but we only explored three - the Rose Garden, the funicular and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Gwacheon. 

Rose Garden
The garden is supposed to have 30 000 flowers, representing 200 rose species. Sadly we saw only one rose bud, but there were other flowers in full bloom. The top season should be June, so if you happen to read my post now, it might be worth checking this place.


A cute money couple <3

...and a lonely monkey TT____TT 

And some curious ones! 

 I used to prefer art of the old timer over modern art, but recently I learnt to appreciate modern art more. I couldn't claim I am an expert or that I even understand all of the works, but I enjoy the unexpected, often animated installations and the wide range of expressions.

This statue was opening its mouth and wailing mournfully. With the background of mountains shrouded in mist and clouds, the image made me shiver.

Yayoi Kusama! 

TV Tower. It was unbelievably noisy. I am not sure if they ever turned it off, but the old machines sounded like they were seriously overworked. 

This giant piece was made entirely from small stamps! 

Peeing shadow. 

This was impossible to catch on camera, but no matter where you moved, the image would change and follow you in a way. 

I thought this was just very cute. 

Hwang Kyo Baik: Seen and Unseen
This was a special exhibition showcasing a large number of this artist originally from Busan, who has however lived in France and New York. He is famous for perfecting a unique way of using mezzotint (printing technique). The works are very pretty, soft and surreal.


 I thought this poor squid was quite witty.

If you visit the Grand Park, you really have to pay a couple extra thousand KRW and ride the funicular, the views are spectacular!

Doesn't this scene look just like from an ancient painting? 

Yours truly


  1. oh my goodness the rose garden is beautiful! it would be such a beautiful spot to take photos. The park looks so serene and pretty too! Reminds me of some of the beautiful gardens I visited in Japan this year :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. It was really lovely, it must be even prettier when the roses are in full bloom.

  2. Gorgeous pics!!


  3. Oh wow, this place is truly amazing! Especially the rose garden, I can already imagine me spending afternoons in this place!

    1. It would be perfect for that, unfortunately it's a really looong ride by the subway from center of Seoul. :/

  4. look at the floral sea! soo beautiful dear.


  5. Hi Vita,
    This seems trully amazing. You are so lucky to be able to visit such a place. I am glad you had fun!

    1. Thank you! It was such a nice change of pace.

  6. Oh, that rose garden looks AMAZING and you look so pretty in those pictures! :)