Travelling: Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)

The KFV presents Korean culture mostly from Joseon times and it also served as a shooting location to numerous well-known historical dramas, hence it is extremely popular with tourists from all over Asia. There is also a kids' amusement park and art gallery on the side. 

This medicinal tea was sooooo bitter! Normally I don't enjoy candied ginger, but I happily munched this serving down to counter the taste of the beverage O___O. That was also the only "food" I had in the whole day, since all the affordable lunch restaurants were fully booked (sob).

In case you overlooked it in the previous photo:

Dae Jang Geum <3

I was lucky to see tightrope walking, horse riding and also a wedding ceremony!

Yours truly


  1. Wow darling that place looks so beautiful everything looks so green and peaceful. Sincerely this could be a great place and perfect to have a good reading. I love it your coordinate. And thank you so much for you comment about my country situation I reallly appreciate your comment. I love it your last pic


  2. It must be so interesting to see the culture, great to see your pictures.

  3. What a pretty place! I love visiting the traditional places & sights of countries because I feel they teach you so much about culture! This village reminds me a bit of old downtown Kyoto actually :)
    Great post!

    Princess From Jupiter 

  4. wow!!!! thank you for sharing such amazing photos!