An Evening Stroll In Seoul: Bukchon and Daerim Museum

Bukchon, despite being very touristy, is one of my favorite places in Seoul. This time, we headed to Daerim museum for the Linda McCartney exhibition which we got free tickets for with a magazine (speaking of which, free tickets to museums are very common magazine gifts in Korea, together with make-up items - I wish European magazines got inspired!). On the way there from Anguk station, we got to see yet another side of the area - the coolest blend of tradition, quirkiness, and the it&hip stuff.

If I had spare 200 000 KRW, I would have bought my fusion hanbok for the graduation  ceremony here. Being a poor student, I bought cheap ribbons and embellishments in Dongdaemun and went for DIY...


To be honest, I am not sure how we got to this restaurant lane where we got naengmyeon for dinner - our Korean friends led the way. But if you naver the name on the photo, I'm sure you can find directions!

Yours truly


  1. Waou merci pour ce partage! Et oui nos magazines devraient en tirer des leçons... À part quelques pass cinéma ca se limite à ca en france
    Bisou et plein de bonnes choses