Outfit: My 3.1 Phillip Lim Shirt, Version 2

I decided to play with plaid in black, red and white. Since I am travelling (yes, again), I am stuck with a limited wardrobe, so two of the plaid items are my discounted coat from Migliore and DIY shirt. The last item is a micro skirt I was about to dispose of, but changed my mind last minute.

With the overall styling, I went for a more playful and cute vibe, because I won't be able to wear student fashion forever, so I better enjoy it while I can.

Also, sadly this seems to be the last time I wore the shirt - because my boyfriend washed it at 40 °C with red laundry. TT_____TT Now it's pink and red. I bought some bleach, but I am expecting it to destroy the red part. -____-


Blouse: DIY
Skirt: second hand from gyaru_comm_sales
Shoes: City Sneakers, Manila
Backpack: Off brand, Seoul
Coat: Off brand, Migliore dept. store, Seoul 
Hairtie: Daiso, Seoul

As for the background for the inside photos, it is a co-working space I've been occupying for the past couple weeks and if everything goes well, I'll be co-working there for many months to come, haha.

Yours truly


  1. I love it your coordinate, the blouse is my fav item!
    Beautiful pics~

  2. Love your black/red/white look, the shirt is so pretty and versatile! Love how you can wear it in a casual or dressy way depending of your mood!