Crazy Photographer

Usually, you only see the products of my photography process - but my mum worked really hard on providing you with the "behind the scenes" of how the photos for this blog are made. 25 years of experience with taking embarassing photos of her children made her a real expert in this field. Anybody else has a family album full of photos that provide your parents with the best blackmailing material whenever you forget to do the groceries or wash dishes? "Maybe I should take out the photo albums when your boyfriend comes over next time." Shivers

Yours truly crazy


  1. Haaa I love to see photos of people taking photos! this is not crazy at all, it is actually really cool.
    :) Have lots of fun taking your photos!

  2. Haha, ain't your mom the best? She definitely did a great job on providing such quirky and candid shots of of you! I wonder how I look like when I take pictures of something! :D


  3. Love your amazing pictures, always interesting and i learn so much.

  4. Oh your mom is so cute for take so many and beautiful pics of you
    Well my mom only take pics of me when I ask for pics


  5. haha this is the cutest post! you look so adorable, I can really see the concentration in some of the pics haha xD

    Metallic Paws