Lady in Black

That is the first thing my professor said when she saw me last Friday. While a mourning color may seem inappropriate for the last workday, given my usual 6-day workweeks, it should be an understandable choice. However, my last Friday was actually above average great - my experiment that I had to leave over 24 h worked wonderfully, I received 5 more bacterial strains than I was hoping for, and somebody else will revive them for me too. And most importantly, my mum arrived safely to Korea the day before, so other than the couple hours I had to spend in the lab, we went around Gangnam. So all of these photos were taken by my mum <3.

 Dress: off brand, eBay
Coat: off brand, second hand, Seoul
Bag: too lazy to check, Seoul
Shoes: Dinsko
Necklace: my mum's


Sorry for the small issues such as wrinkled fabric, tilted center and couple of stray hairs. Also, I cleaned my shoes like 3 times that day, but there is no possibility to defeat the dust in Seoul in this season. >.<

Yours truly


  1. Oh very gorgeous outfit sweetie, like I love it the black color this coordinate is perfect for me


  2. waow you look so amazing!!! i love to see you in black as well!!! rgeta outfit!!!

  3. you look gorgeous in your 'mourning' outfit haha! love the way you layered everything. the sheer dress is beautiful! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. Sice v černé vypadáš pochmurněji než běžně, ale stejně Ti to strašně sluší.. Navíc tyhle změny ve stylu oblečení mě vždycky dostanou. :) A ten kabát (?) je naprosto úžasný. :)