I Keep Returning to Jeonju

Jeonju, if I don't count Seoul - where I live - is the city which I have visited the most times (well, just 4 times, actually - but given that I have on average 3 Sundays off in a month, and one week vacation in half a year, I don't get to travel out of Seoul very often, 4 times is a lot). This time, I went there with my mum, who came to visit me a while ago. Just a reminder for those planning to visit Korea - there is a free shuttle bus for foreigners between Seoul and Jeonju 3 times a week (Friday - Sunday) running from early spring until autumn. You have to register in advance, but in reality, so many people book the tickets and then don't come, that if you just wake up early and come to the spot 30 minutes before departure, you are quite likely to get a leftover spot. That is how I went - my mum managed to win a ticket in the lottery for pre-registered tourists and I just came and queued. The bus was still half-empty when we left, so I think that especially out of high season, you can try even if you didn't win a ticket beforehand.

Museum of calligraphy


Jeonju is the hometown of many Korean dishes, including bibimbap and hangover soup (kongnamulgukbap). I had both before, bibimbap in a high-end restaurant where my professor has connections (the perks of being a food science student! Imagine if my thesis was in the field of gut microbiology, haha), and kongnamulgukbap in a shady-looking place way out of the touristy parts, which was very good though. This time, we settled for one of the tourist traps, and chose based on queue length. We ordered bibimbap and mulnaengmyeon, because I thought my mum would need something to switch to if the bibimbap was too spicy, haha. 

The macaron ice cream from a street food snack stall was a little disappointing, the ones from bakeries and ice cream shops are actually much tastier.

Confucian school

Mural village

A cafe in one of the higher streets of the mural village - I don't think I've seen it during summer, but I might have just forgotten. It is super popular with young Koreans and has Korean-only menu. Almost everybody got their grape slushie made from fresh grapes (포도), so we got one too, and an orange tea. Both were really delicious!

My outfit

If you get the chance, make sure you take advantage of the free shuttle and visit Jeonju!

Yours truly


  1. Oh thanks for share that pic about that lovely place


  2. Oh tout est si beau! Et merci de nous faire voyager avec ta maman et toi!!!! Quelle chance tu as d'étudier cette matière qui me paraît bien étrangère d'ailleurs!
    Superbe article!

  3. I have a close Korean friend that I'm trying to convince to host her future wedding in Seoul...just so I get a chance to visit :PP If I ever do, I'll be sure to visit Jeonju. How do you find out about these perks for foreigners? Is is it just common knowledge?

    Another Beautiful Thing

  4. Nádhera.. A ta makronková zmrzlina vypadá skvěle..i všechno to ostatní - už jsem taak dlouho neměla korejské jídlo, že se mi po něm začíná stýskat. :D

  5. Oh the calligraphy museum, the street art, the food... I wouldn't mind being there. (: I hope you'll get the chance to visit more often !