Touring around Scania: Helsinborg, Arild, Kullen

Sorry for my absence - my laptop got water spilled on it because of horrendous turbulences when I was on the plane and I had to have it repaired. Thank God it was just the monitor and not the motherboard, that would have been the end >.<. If you guys travel, never ever ever have any drink near your electronics!

 Sorry for my awful outfit - I was not very sure what the weather would be like, so I wore a lot of layers. This trip was organized by the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and we had to pay only 150 SEK (around 15 Euros) for everything, including the afternoon fika (afternoon cake and coffee or tea)! And we had probably the most sun Sweden has seen this year, too.

Yours truly


  1. you look amazing as always!!!
    vous etes très beaux!!!!
    vous avez dû passer d'excellentes vacances!
    bise et bonne semine à toi! je me demande où tu es d'ailleurs