Stuck In-Between (And Collar Styling Tip)

Actually not really stuck - I voluntarily chose to pose between two of the LTH buildings in order to have my small self-timer session shielded from the (possibly condescending) looks of other students.

Dress: off brand, Gangnam station, Seoul
Cardigan: Orsay, not sure where
Bag: off brand, eBay
Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu, Seoul
Coat: HM, Angers


Now for the collar styling tip:
With the kind of cardigan I was wearing, the tight neckline of the dress didn't look good at all - it is much better to undo a button or two to mimick classic shirt collar.

Yours truly


  1. You look so pretty, I love this mix of pastel colours this is so beautifull!

  2. What a charming outfit, I love the dress and colour combination. xx
    Navy Blue & Earl Grey

  3. Omg you Are taller than me and we almost have the same weight :D i want to Tonton 45 kg!
    Nice dress btw! You look cute ~

    Love, Lily

    1. Thanks! Wow 45 is pretty low though - just make sure you don't leave out important nutrients from your diet. while getting there