Obsessed with Stairs - in Sweden Too

Ehm, I don't know how to explain my fascination with staircases as backgrounds for outfit pictures. Perhaps the reason can be that many stairs in different places lead more or less from nowhere to an even more obscure nowhere, and normal people don't spend their time walking up and down meaningless stairways.
To put it shortly, the afternoon I decided to take these photos, this staircase was the only place in LTH where I had some privacy while posing and arguing with Gerald that no, my face is not the problem, it's the camera's fault. That said, I must admit I was quite unhappy with the result of this shoot, I need to work harder on my posing skills. But well, I still think the outfit is good, hence my decision to show these photos anyway.


Pants: Jacqueline de Young, Clery's outlet, Dublin
Shirt: Gerald's
Necklace: HM, Oslo
Gloves and scarf: Lindex, Lund
Backpack: off brand, eBay
Socks: Cubus, Lund
Shoes (sorry for the mud, it was after the rain): off brand, Seoul

Yours truly