Jeonju/ The City of Food

Because my Koean professor is the awesomest professor in the whole world, she treated Anette and me to a two-day trip to Jeonju, where we stayed in a traditional Korean guesthouse, visited one of the best restaurants serving traditional cuisine, where we tried another version of bibimbap and many forms of ginseng. We were also able to take part in a lecture about food trends and cooking lessons at the Culinary institute, where we met 2 lovely Malaysian chefs. And were treated to more food.
And exciting news - the Culinari institue will be having a promotion: international students can apply for a scholarship to study Korean cuisine for a month. The tuition fees will be decreased to only 500 Eur. So for all chefs and culinary science students out there who can take a month off - this is a unique opportunity.

We started eating already on the way to Jeonju - the professor bought us chestnut-filled cookies and grilled squid.

The best restaurant in Jeonju

Ultra popular pub in Jeonju serving pollock with serve-it-yourself beer.

Our guesthouse

Restaurant where we had breakfast...

But before that, a little morning walk

And back to breakfast - the restaurant has unlimited side dishes, and serves one day old kimchi, which is so huge (since it's radish kimchi), that you have to pierce it with your chopsitcks to eat it - that's pretty much the only food that you are supposed to pierce through with your chopsticks.

And kongnamul gukbap - rich in alanin and therefore great hangover food.

Together  special drink related to makgeolli.

Jeonju university

Lunch - pancakes and clam soup.

Cooking class

Funny bus stop ad

Yours truly


  1. All those dishes look so different than the usual European cuisine! I bet it is a lot of fun to try out all the new dishes! :)


    1. It was :) I love Korean food and actually I rarely eat non-Asian dishes even in Europe...

  2. Mmm so many different treats!

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  3. Mňam děláš mi chutě. A ten vchod restaurace je krásný, takový bych jednou chtěla mít vchod do domu :D
    Jinak mě tak napadá jestli rozumíš tomu co se jak jí hůlkama - nedávno jsem jedla korejské jídla (s takovýma těma příborovýma kovovýma hůlkama) a jednou jsem si fakt nevěděla rady s masem, když to byly kousky s žebrama - nešlo to ani těma hůlkama obrat (maso bylo pevně spojené k žebrům), takže mě napadlo to jedině chytit do hůlek a okousávat nebo to právě propíchnout hůlkama a taky okousávat. Každopádně tak jako tak mi to pořád upadávalo od pusy. :D

    1. Nepropichovat, ale chytit a okousávat, nebo nejdřív ořezat nožem a pak jíst už malé kousky by mi přišlo jako schůdné řešení... :)