My Love from the Star Exhibition

If there is one TV series (drama) that has had an impact on every single person in South Korea (and in the rest of the world), it's "My Love from the Star". Sure, there are other shows that are popular and everybody knows them, but this one is a real phenomenon that goes far beyond just watching TV. The nowadays trendy junk food known as beer and fried chicken became big because the main heroine craves it despite being on a diet. Whatever she wore on the drama was sold out at the speed of light, even though it was super expensive designer clothes. When idols on lifestyle shows pick up accessories similar to what she wore, they will say "oh, do I look better than Cheon Song Yi?". Shops boast that they sell whatever it was that she had. Both main actors are endorsing dozens of products and whatever product you put their face on sells. The handsome alien is, by the way, the face of my popular skincare and make up brand, Beyond. In short, My Love from the Star is the drama you should watch if you're normally not a big fan of Asian drama and you want to be on trend when going to Korea in the near future. If you're a fan, you've probably already seen it.

And in spring/summer 2014, there was a special exhibition about this drama in Dongdaemun.


If you don't want to feel like a fat whale, don't stand next to Korean actresses.

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  1. Looks like an amazing exhibit!

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  2. Konečně se na tohle drama budu muset kouknout... :) No... Po tom, co jsem probrečela celé 4 díly Mimi asi nemám odvahu. -_-

  3. I didn´t finished watching this series, I watched until episode 6 But is very nice this exhibition.


  4. Very interesting ^^

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  5. I've never heard of this drama surprisingly! haha but I'll check it out and watch a few eps. the exhibition looks so cool! :)

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  6. Tak tenhle seriál jsem zatím neviděla, budu na něj muset kouknout. :) A výstava vypadá super! :)