Crop Top for Colder Days

The weather in Lund (the very south of Sweden) is stil sunny and warm (it hasn't really gone under 16 °C for the whole september), but there is often fairly strong and cold wind. Since I've been warned ever since I was a little girl to keep my belly covered to prevent my kidneys or ovaries from getting cold, I came up with a way to wear a crop top without exposing my midriff - I bought a nude tank top in Dublin, so I wore it underneath. It looks a little freaky because it seems as if I don't have a belly button, but I suppose that in real life nobody really spends their time staring at my belly to notice that anyway.


Pants: Jacqueline de Young, Dublin
Tank top: Penneys, Dublin
Crop top: off brand, Gangnam bus terminal, Seoul
Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu, Seoul
Bag: Parfois (sorry, I only had 3 school-sized bags when leaving Korea - so it's a bit repetitive)


  1. How fabulous is that?, wowwwwwwwwwwwww I am sooooooooooooo cpying it, yeahhhhhhhhhhh
    Happy weekend, dear Vita

  2. Slušíí, a ta první fotka vypadá úplně profi :)