A Pastel among Swedes

I got into a strange situation, where I ran out of outfits from Korea, but I still have tons of photos of monuments, exhibitions, shops, restaurants and my labmates. So I suppose that in order not to fall behind the changing seasons in the northern hemisphere, I will start posting outfits from Sweden where I currently live while continuing to write about Korea for my non-outfit posts. 
Anyways, those of you who come to my blog primarily for fashion-related content are probably aware of Swedish bloggers being very popular worldwide - they are even mentioned on Euromonitor. I personally do not follow any of them, so I don't know what a typical Swedish blogger looks like, but I know very well what a typical university student in Sweden (be it Swedish or international) looks like - and I stand out like a marshmallow tossed into a bag of liquorice or salmiak candy. (Liquorice and salmiak are popular candy flavors in Scandinavia and these bonbons are always black or brown.) Well, it doesn't hurt to add some sweetness to the particular Swedish taste.

Dress: off brand, Gangnam station, Seoul
Jacket: HM, Prague
Scarf: Lindex, Lund, Sweden
Socks: off brand, Gangnam bus terminal, Seoul
Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu, Seoul
Bag: Parfois, Prague
Hairtie: off brand, Hongdae, Seoul

(I didn't color my hair, it's just a light effect caused by the autumn sun.)

Yours truly


  1. Oh I love it your dress
    is very pretty!


  2. Love the color so much :D


  3. Vito to je nádhera! Ty fotky se opravdu povedly, úplně z nich čiší příjemná a milá atmosféra. A outfit je rozkošný, hlavně mě dostaly ty boty a ponožky. :)

  4. This is super beautiful. I adore the pretty colour scheme and the detailing. Such an amazing place to take photos.

    1. Thank you! This part of Lund is really pretty. :)

  5. Moc pěkný outfit. Krásné jemné barvy a skvělé prostředí. :)

  6. Teda, člověk po nějaké době zavítá na tvůj blog a ty jsi zase někde jinde! :D Závist! Každopádně ti to moc sluší, krásně barevý a elegantní outfit :)

    1. No jo, poslední dobou se stěhuju celkem často. :) Děkuju!