Edae - Shopping Area

What is available here
Clothes (girls and guys), shoes, bags, cosmetics, accessories, street food, cafes, hair dressers.

What to buy here
Clothes in Edae are offered in a large variety of styles and a wide price range. There are huge stores selling basics and more sporty styles as well as ultra cute Shibuya109-esque looks (slightly more expensive but still way under Japanese brands like Liz Lisa). Some shops have also more grown-up feminine pieces, often very original and eye-catching. Price-wise, it's on average more expensive than Gangnam station and probably even Dongdaemun - but if you're lucky, some stores might have sales so you may end up scoring a cute piece for cheaper than even in the two above mentioned places. But you can't count on that. I haven't really checked the guys section.
Shoes are available in a giant selection for very decent prices, though I wouldn't necessarily say they are cheaper than in Gangnam, if you bargain. But in any case the prices are very affordable, so you don't have to worry that much.
Bags are one of the best things to buy in Edae - there is a great selection of styles for 10 - 20 000 Won. You won't find this anywhere else.
Accessories are not so big in Edae, Hongdae would be a better place to look. Socks are an exception though, there are millions of different styles for 1000 - 3000 Won, mostly made in Korea.
Cosmetics stores are numerous in Edae, most offer the same discounts, gifts and promotions as those in Myeongdong, minus the "please enter" incentives. There are all major brands and also two discount stores.
Street food is cheap and in every single street.

Most (especially cheaper) stores  do not allow trying clothes on - the shop people may not tell you directly, so if you hear something along the lines of "oh, but it's very hot today...", it means that you can't try it on. It implies people sweat and their make-up runs. You will hear this phrase even when it's 15 °C and raining.
Be friendly. Yeah, it's a little annoying that you cannot browse through the clothes without a shop assistant following you around and forcing items on you, advising you how to coordinate them (with another item from their store, of course) and persuading you it will fit you like a glove. But if you're friendly and bubbly, you might get a really good discount - I managed to get a blouse that was already discounted from 29 000 to 19 000 for 15 000 while paying by card (in case you don't see how amazing that was - paying by card in small stores usually = no or very small discount). The girl next to me got no discount. Wanna know why?
Shop assistant: "Hello! These blouses are on sale today - 19 000 instead of 29 000!"
Girl (in a go-to-hell tone): "I can read."
Shop assistant: Σ(゚Д゚|||)
If you come around 11ish (at least during summer), most shops will be already open but not too crowded.
Edae is the favorite destination of Japanese girls for clothes shopping - in case you go to Korea but prefer Japanese style.


As you can see I didn't buy a whole lot of stuff in Edae - Tony Moly cosmetics I'll review later (mask and skin care samples = gift).

Beyond cosmetics (free mask, cleansing foam and toner/lotion I got with the purchase on the right).

15 000 Won

Yours truly


  1. reading your blog posts on seoul makes me realized i have only scratched the surface of seoul! i have been to most of the places u covered in seoul. i definitely need to make a trip to seoul, hopefully next year.


  2. Tyjo, to vypadá skvěle! Jsem ráda, že se ti tam líbí <3 A pořád tě sleduju, i když nic moc nekomentuju :-D.

  3. Já nemůžu napsat nic jinýho než: JÁ TI TAK STRAŠNĚ ZÁVIDÍM!!!!
    Tady probíhají akorát dny Marianne které jsou úplně napytel (viz můj blog) a když vidím ty akce v Etude House tak mi krvácí srdce. Navíc i ty krásně barevné kabelky a baťůžky, v ČR je to samej sportovní šerpa. Jetoy obchůdek musí být uvnitř úžasnej, pak ten Molang a Rilakkuma. Snad se za pár let do Koreje taky vypravím.

  4. Nááádhera a závist!! :D Akorát ty cedule s těmi modely mi přijdou vtipné :D

  5. oh there are so many cool and cute stuff!!!!
    enjoy the weekend

  6. Wow this is super adorable, where do you find places like this, love hello kitty.

  7. The toy store seemed amazing - I guess if I were to go there I would spent all my money on toys and books! Some of the stores are quite original (:

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