Just Another Girl

I'm running out of ideas for outfit post names, so I though I might as well just go with whatever song I like at the moment...
I also liked the colours of the wall, stairs and the plants in the back, especially in the warm evening sun. The reddish stems of the vegetation slightly blend in with the stone, and the higher and greener parts become hard to distinguish from tree leaves. At the same time, the rough faces of the bricks have a shade pretty similar to the stones that make up the stairs... voilà a natural gradation.

Shorts: Liz Lisa lucky pack summer 2013, Harajuku, Tokyo
Blouse: off brand, Don Don Down on Wednesday second hand, Tokyo
Shoes: Zalora mall, Manila
Bag: Parfois, Prague, gift
Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte, gift
Headband: Penneys, Dublin 

My ombre nail art - somehow, unlike in Europe, I always find residual strength here in Korea to do my nails at 2 AM. It pays off, one of my (male!) colleagues thought I'd been to a nail salon - so with a couple of matches to keep my eyes open I saved myself 30 USD while getting apparently comparable result. Yay me.

My camera has a special modesty plug-in. It works like this: Whenever I feel like I look pretty on a particular day, it will make every single portrait photo of me absolutely hideous to remind me I'm thinking too much of myself. It has immediate effect.

Yours truly


  1. hele, předpokládám že tyhle fotky si děláš na samospoušť, žejo? jsou naprosto luxusní :) a ty nehty taky. a v případě že ti nedošla smska tak ještě jednou krásný narozeniny :)

    1. Jo jo, samospoušť, děkuju :) Jen mě žere, jak jsou zrnité :/ Ale Gerald si pořídil nový foťák, tak až mě bude fotit ve Švédsku on, tak to snad bude lepší. :) Mám korejské číslo, takže SMS mi nedošla, ale děkuju :)

  2. Moc Ti to sluší - hlavně se mi strašně líbí ty kraťasy a taky nehty jsou super! :)

  3. you are right, the contrast with the colors in the back work very well with those clothes. I love your headband too. kisses and hugs *