Bukchon Hanok Village (and Its Neighborhood)

 August 15 was a national holiday in Korea and our amazing freshmen offered Anette and me a tour around a place in Seoul we hadn't visited yet - I said we didn't have the chance to see the Gwanghwamun area and the girls took on the challenge to plan a fun one-day trip there! Since it was a very long day during which we visited tons of interesting places and ate yummy food every two hours, I'll break it down into several posts to avoid your browser crashing from loading all the photos at once. Also, since this time I didn't have to plan the route, I don't really know what streets exactly we walked through - so sorry for the lack of directions!

What I really like about Seoul is that it is surrounded by beautiful, tall mountains that you can see from the very center. Especially the view of the historic buildings against the highlands is spectacular. 

This was our first food-stop for lunch. I can definitely recommend this place since the food was delicious and fresh.

And the bathroom is really pretty! You might have heard that you should evaluate the restaurant by what the bathrooms look like - so even from this point of view, this place is great.

We couldn't resist. =D

Osulloc tea shop/tea house was our third stop - we ordered three different desserts to share and they were orgasmic (as my Polish FIPDes friend says). Osulloc tea and desserts are more expensive than average shops, but the taste and design are certainly worth it. The matcha tiramisu (actually a cheesecake) was made from fluffy creamy cheese and the sweetness of the patbingsu was just perfect. I bought some tea for my dad, but next year, I will stock up on it also for myself and my friends - all the teas I tasted and smelled were delicious and I love the tea box design.

Yours truly


  1. Oh sweetie thank you so much for share all this cute pics of your trip!
    I love it read posts about travels. The food looks delicious~
    Lovely outfit your outfit is very cute, very pretty skirt!


  2. So interesting, great to see your travels.

  3. i have not been to this part of seoul. i definitely have to make a trip to seoul again. u are such a lucky girl, u get to travel so much!! :D u look very sweet & pretty in this outfit <3


    1. Oh you must go there next time, I'm sure you'll enjoy this little neighborhood! Thank you. :)

  4. I see you are living in Korea now, for how long?

    1. Just for the summer, but I'm coming back next year for 6 months or so...