Asian Art Museum & Teahouse (Bukchon Hanok Village)

We stumbled across this place by chance and decided to see what it was - certainly not what you imagine traditionally as a museum. The door had a sigh saying that only those who intend to purchase tea at the tea house should enter. So we went in and a couple of paintings and relics related to the art of tea making greated us. The tea house had some teas I never knew existed - so Anette and me took a long time choosig the weirdest sounding tea to try (I settled for mistletoe tea, but I was really tempted to try pine needle tea too). The prices were pretty average - comparable to most cafes in Seoul.

Why should you try to find this place when you're in Bukchon? Because the tea hosue is situated on a top floor of a building on top of a hill. Spectacular view guaranteed.


Purchasing tea does not only give you access to the terrace with great view of the city and the mountains surrounding it, but also to a lovely garden, which is empty and very tranquile (because most people do not poke around for open doors and staircases so they don't know about it).

Our friends told us that these flowers were used in ancient times by girls to color their nails - they tied the blossoms around their fingers before going to sleep. 

Ancient Korean umbrellas - renewable and biodegradable!

Yours truly


  1. Oh very beautiful pics, I love it the tea and this tea museum looks beautiful~

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  2. I am a tea lover so for sure I would go there. I've also liked the idea of the korean umbrellas... so cute (: I am curious about those different types of tea (:

    1. The tea tasted really nice, though it was a bit too sweet. If I can find it somewhere as leafs, I'll send you a package next year. :)