Apgujeong and Garosu-gil

Because of some strange mental connection between me and my friend, while planning where to hang out before Korean class, he suggested Apgujeong and Garosu-gil, where I've been planning to go for ages. These two places are the IT areas for young and hip Seoulites who want to hang out, shop or have plastic surgery. About 80% of the stores and coffee houses are western imports, but there are some real gems - I've been craving for months to go to Remicone, one of the coolest icecream places in Seoul, and it was also my first time seeing Belif (organic/natural skincare) road shop. And nose job survivors. Yep, Apgujeong is actually more of a plastic surgery place than Gangnam station - I saw two girs with bandages on their faces walking quite happily towards the platform. If I were in their place, I'd probably be crawling. I forgot to take pictures, but the strangest ads were for knee circumference reduction and bone straightening (you know, when you lose a lot of weight, you can see that the bones in the leg area don't go straight down, but go towards the side - you can see it on most models too - but apparently, thin people in Korea don't like their bones so they have them somehow adjusted to not go sideways O___o). Some cooler ones were hairline and eyebrow fixing, that's something I'd be interested in if I wasn't scared of surgeries.  

Yours truly


  1. Wow, ty dezerty bych si dala.. nebo ne, to by byla škoda je sníst, asi bych je jen chodila obdivovat a fotit :D

    1. Ono to ale i skvěle chutná, zvlášť ten pražený kokosový posyp. <3

    2. :O Pražený kokosový posyp? Tak teď mi děláš teprve chutě...

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