The Treasures of Mountjoy Square Library

OK, I swear this is the one before the last Dublin article and next next time, my current location will be revealed. I have two more posts to do, but I need pictures from Gerald, so it will be kind of a retrospective written in autumn. Anyway, for now, I'd like to show you the amazing array of books available in one of DIT's campuses, Mountjoy Square. Unfortunately, I learnt that all of the books will be moved to another library during summer and the Mountjoy Square one will be closed. I spent several afternoons there, scanning and reading. I wish I could share my scans with you, but unfortunately, that's not exactly legal. So I recommend you to look for design department libraries of your university or your friends' one, if you want to access these books.

This book pretty much sums up my major!

Yours truly


  1. Tak v takové knihovně by mě to opravdu bavilo.. Nejvíc by mě ale asi dostala kniha New Asian Interiors.. alespoň bych měla víc inspirace až jednou budeme třeba stavit dům :P

    1. Zrovna tahle kniha mě pak obsahem trochu zklamala, bylo tam hodně hotelů a dalších prostor, co by se z nich inspirace pro normální obytný dům brala těžko, ale pár věcí jsem tam našla. :)

  2. lovely blog :)