Stairway to Heaven

I realized I haven't really explained what I'm doing in Seoul. As some of you might know, I'm doing an international MSc program in Food Innovation and Product Design and I'm required to spend each semester at a different university in a different country (not that I mind, of course!). Hanyang University in Korea is one of our non-European partners and therefore I am allowed to carry out my summer internship (that's what I'm doing ATM) and master thesis here. So I'm spending my workdays in the culinary lab working on a new packaging for the lab's food product, since I will be specializing in packaging and logistics in Lund, Sweden after the holidays!

The Hanyang Univeristy campus is large, filled with patches of forest, rocks, stairways leading to more or less interesting places, stone memorials, views of Seoul and hideaways for couples as well as rehearsing bands. Fortunately enough, there's also plenty of space for bloggers and their self-timer.

Dress: Belleville - Quartier Chinois, Paris
Brooch: gift from my parents
Bracelet: gift from a swap
Bag: off brand, gift from my mum
Shoes: Shibuya109, Tokyo


Yours truly


  1. Momentálně v Seoulu, jo? Závist, musí to být super být pokaždé někde jinde, budeš vlastně ještě někdy v Česku? :D Máš krásné šaty a moc ti to sluší, mimochodem :)

  2. Páni! Moc ti to sluší, ty šaty jsou nádherné a opravdu ti závidím možnost cestovat! :)

  3. Strašně moc Ti to sluší!! A doufám teda, že podobných postů s outfity bude více :)

  4. Wow! You look wonderful in that dress! Light blue suits you very well. The campus surroundings sound great, will you be posting any pictures from there? Take care and remember we think of you here <3!