Dublin Haul, Early Birthday Gifts and Giveaways Won

I know that generally, haul posts have seriously little to zero value, but I'd like to write also a bit of information about the brands and shops, in case you ever go to 

Primark in the UK is famous for having insanely cheap clothes, shoes, accessories and home ware. The same is true for its Irish version, Penneys. In my experience, the clothes and house ware have pretty decent quality, but shoes won't last more than half a year. So what I did was - I gave all of the things which started deteriorating to charities, since Dublin is full of homeless people and though shark-like soles suck for people who walk a lot, beggars typically stay in one place and just need something to keep warm and to walk a couple of blocks. Naturally, with the prices I doubt Penneys' sewers earn a good salary.

Slippers - 2.5 E, half a year

Scarf - 1 E on sale,  still good

Scarf  - 4 E, still great

Pajamas  - 8 E, still fluffy

An  OK cream for 2 E (Penneys has cosmetics too)

1 m of lace from eBay for 10 cents. Yay for auctions.

Second hand stores are crazy expensive in Dublin, but there is one called Barnardos (or something like that) near Swan Shopping Center in Rathmines and about once a month they have everything for 1 - 2 E. Definitely worth stopping by. Everything I got was 1 E. The pink skirt is by Penneys, the shirt Atmosphere, The pink blouse Zara and I also got a nice shirt for Gerald. 

Eurogiant is a cheapo student's best friend - set of 2 gloves was 1.5 E and we split  

Dunnes, 4 E 


I'll eventually post a review of both products, but in general I wasn't too impressed.

I got 400 ml shampoo and 400 ml refills from Japan (eBay) for around 25 USD, which is a very OK price for this Shiseido line.


This Eurogiant nail polish remover is awesome, it doesn't stink and doesn't contain acetone. 

Penneys again -   3 E on sale, skirt 9 E, gloves 50 cents on sale, sneakers 9 and 3 E, respectively. Shoes didn't last over 5 months, clothes is still great. 

Penneys hair stuff, under 2 E each

Get hair treatment in Indian shops - it's cheap and really really good. This oil was just under 3 E and lasted for half a year.

Penneys socks, 1 E on sale

TK Maxx - good place to buy brand stuff with discount. I got this scarf for my mum.

Places like Dealz have tons of cute stuff.

Charcoal water filter from Taiwan, lasts half a year, 5 E, Designist shop near Exchecquer Street

T K Maxx has cosmetics too - the Earth soap was a gift but I will review the liquid soap later on since it's actually very cool.

Clerys at O'Connell street has underground outlet - pants for 10 E and dress for 5 E, which is about 20% of the retail price.

Tiger, 5 E

Whatever h has the Guinness brand is 3x more expensive than anything else.

Giveaway price from Fashion Picnic! <3

Shoes  Gerald brought me as a B-day gift from the Philippines from Zalora mall - they're cute but the quality is the worst thing I've ever seen. They have fallen apart on the third time I wore them and I had to load them with shoe glue.


Gifts from Gerald


From my mum

From  Gerald





These camisoles are great and sell for 2 - 3 E.



This bag from eBay has actually great quality and cost only 9 E.

From Gerald. The hairfall shampoo "works", my hair started falling out more. >.<


From Gerald


Yes - Vivi Malayasia! In English! <3 <3 <3


From  Anette

And Gerald again. Yes, spoilt girlfriend detected.

This Hello Kitty set was rescued by Gerald from an abandoned happy meal =D

Gift from Dasenka, blogger at "Roztomilosti" <3 I was sooo happy and thankful when I opened the package.

And Fashion Picnic giveaway

From my brother 

From my mum

From FIPDes - I asked for beads from each of my classmates and I made a bracelet from them.

BTW, I actually bought very little - many of the things are gifts for others or from others.

Yours truly


  1. Jů, tak jsem zvědavá hlavně na Shiseido recenze, to vypadá skvěle. :) Jinak i všechny ostatní věci vypadají super a hlavně ten kytičkovaný kelímek. :3
    A v článku jsem sice nenašla kdy že máš ty narozeniny, ale každopádně vše nejlepší! :)

    1. Děkuju, i když je mám až za měsíc :) Byly to dárky hodně dopředu =D Ten Shiseido šampon mám moc ráda, takže časem na něj určitě recenzi napíšu.

  2. I have also tried lush products because I really liked their politics but they made horrors to my skin. I was kinda sad because of that, because I really try to use natural products but my crazy-ultra-dry-ultra-sensitive skin is always a pain. Concerning Primark, I think they have good and bad products - I have 4/5 year old blouses that are still cool so I am glad for those but I've also made some mistakes there. Nowadays I'm having a really strict politics regarding clothes: I just don't buy them unless I am sure I really need them and that I agree with the way they are made/products used to make them. I realized I don't need to have a lot if I have good pieces and that is more environmentally friendly! I know I am kinda turning into this big hippie but I can't help it! Anyway I am glad you made such great shoppings there and it's super cool of you to share with charities the things you don't want to take with you!
    Stay well Vita!

    1. Haha you're not a hippie! I totally agree with you, though in practice I don't always follow. Especially nowadays when I'm always on the move with 23 kg... As for LUSH, their CR seems good, but some of the ingredients they use go totally against their values, so I don't really get them.

  3. Wow that is a lot of stuff! :)
    It is so cute that your boyfriend gives you such cute gifts! That Oscar award cracked me up- so cute! :)
    I have shopped at Primark once- I bought a lot of basic clothing and a lot of accessories, I don't know how it is now but 3 years ago they had a really great selection of accessories- some of my favorite pieces of jewellery are from Primark!


    1. Hah yeah, the Oscar is so funny, he actually got in the Universal Studios in Singapore. =D They totally have cute accessories, but they are in general too heavy for me to bring, so I only got light stuff for my hair. :/