Old Cemetery and Galway

 Sorry for the sudden hiatus! I've moved three times during that time and I had my laptop in repair for a week. >.<

On the way to Galway, we stopped by an old cemtery, since my mum wanted to see something similar to Glendalough. While walking around, we kep hearing faint music, but thought nothing of it. My dad said that the view from the top of the hill, where the cemetery was located, was splendid - and joked that the deadmust climb out of their graves to watch the sunset there. This would have been plenty scary enough for me, but apparently it was going to get worse - suddenly, I saw something that looked like a hand sticking out of the ground! Turned out that it was a glove.

The source of the eerie music...

If you disobey, they wil collect even the last cent you have!

Yours truly


  1. Hi Vita! to tell you the truth I don't like cemeteries, I get the cultural value of them but still lets just say they are not a place were I like to be (and if I saw that glove I would probably get scared at first too!). the rest of the photos are very beautiful and it seems like a nice place to visit! I am glad that your computer is better and I hope your moving will end soon.
    Stay well!

    1. I'm not a big fan either, I wouldn't have gone there if it wasn't for my mum's wish. Thank you! I hope you're well too. :)

  2. Opět náádherné fotky.. Baví mě si je i prohlížet, ale ještě raději bych tam jela hned taky :P

    1. Však pojeď, Ryanair začal lítat trasu Praha - Dublin :)