Giant's Causeway

If you're interested in the legend behind the Giant's Causeway, I found this cute short animation which explains it very quickly and in a fun way (my personal favorite are the flying sheep). We went there on the same day as we went to the Carrick-a-Rede, but I separated the photos in three posts (there's one more with Belfast as a ghost city).
 This part of the causeway reaches quite fat into the sea and the last 10 metres or so are very slippery, covered in slimy algeae and washed by the waves. My parents looked like they would get a heart attack if I went any further than I did, though I do think you could go abut 2 or 3 more metres further if you could keep balance even when there's a wave flooding your boots.

These are the waves I'm talking about. Not very high, but they seem pretty strong.

Gotta take a pic of the wave before it sweeps me away...

Come ye mighty waves!

A good tip if you plan to visit this heritage site: Do not EVER go back the same way you came (boring road going down from the visitors' center). Go up the hill which is right behind you, stop by the amazing rock you see on the photos below and walk further uphill to:
1) See spectacular views,
2) Avoid 80% of the tourist crowd,
3) Burn more calories,
4) Wave "hi"at the guard who gave me this advice.

Gerald is not a big fan of trekking though.

Yours truly


  1. Krááása. :) A ty poslední fotky na kopci jsou strašně romantické. :) Jinak Gerald opravdu nevypadá jako fanoušek trekkingu, hlavně s těma botama. :D

    1. Děkuju. :) Jo jo, moji rodiče z těch bot dostali tik v oku. =D Na druhou stranu, zrovna ten Obrův chodník není nijak turisticky náročný, na jehlových podpatkách bych to asi jít nechtěla, ale pokud se člověk obejde bez lození na kluzké kameny bízko dorážejících vln, tak to zvládne i v normální městské obuvi. :)

  2. *____* Tak tam bych se také chtěla podívat. Opravdu nádhera!

  3. You look so beautifull together a post, full of love!

  4. Oh you sent there
    I would love to go!!!!

  5. By just looking at your pictures it is so easy to see nature at it's finest! I would love to visit that palce as it looks so amazing and raw!