Buying Cute (and Weird) Stuff in Dublin

!Disclaimer! Exams lie ahead and hence, Vite goes into her usual state of being buried alive in piles of paper and articles. On this blog this state manifests as lack of posts and commenting back(sorry >.<), this state shall cease on May 19, hopefully .

I suppose that when you hear Dublin, you won't exactly think of shops selling cutesy accessories and cosmetics - but actually, there are tons of lovely things for a very decent price, especially if you're into Asian street fashion and beauty. Of course, some hings are just plain weird. For example, a bath set called "Spoilt and Rotten". Guess it takes a very weird sense of humor to call personal care like that.

Not only start Dealz and Daiso both with D - they also both offer (almost) everything for a fixed price. In Dealz, everything is 1.5 Euros, and it's the source of cute and quirky hair accessories and personal care products. 

I bought those on the left, I wonder if they really work!

Apparently, gone are the times when you had to order these from Japan!

Brand cosmetics in shades that did not sell well for full price!

I haven't checked the composition of these, but lip gloss on the right is sooo cute!

Miss Selfridge
35 Euros (on sale >.<) and one size smaller = 2 weeks of despair.  Now I live just fine without them. But they look like they're from Liz Lisa, right?

I think they're around 50 Euros - I'll be praying they're too cutesy for Irish girls and hey'll go on sale (no offence to Irish girls if any read my blog, but the outfits I see every evening while returning from school - while those girls are going to parties - are extreme even for my East European taste. For non-Irish: mini skirts half the length of mine, plunging necklines, sky-high heels, platforms, 3 layers of make-up, super-styled hair, nohing more than a light jacket even in 0 °C, but somehow looking still sort of polished and chic, though probably at least 5 years older than they are. Cetainly no frills and bows.) 

Handbag outlet in St Stephen's Green

Swan Center - book shop

These 1 Euro BB/CC creams look so absurd I can't help to be fascinated. When I'm done with exams, I'l check the ingredients and colour up closely... 

Somewhere in Dublin 2 near Drury st.
I just like the window deco.

The prices don't go below 100 Euros >.< 

Yours truly


  1. Tak to je síla.. Ty botičky, kabelky.. A ještě ty roztomilé muffinkové kosmetické sady. :3 Chytá mě nakupovací mánie!! :D

  2. Ty kabelky a čelenky s oušky..! *_* Umřu.

  3. oooh, to je tak cute! obzvláště to zrcátko a přívěsek s klíckou a pak ty malé geishy na čemkoliv!

  4. You're right, when I think Dublin, I don't think cute accessories, but some of the stuff above might rival the kawaii-ness of the stuff in Japan (especially those booties!)


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Tyjo, asi bych se neudržela! Tolik krásných věcí pohromadě, to snad ne! Ty kabelky a ozdůbky na nehty, to je sladké ♥

  6. I always love your shopping posts because you make such great finds, that's incredible!