After the Exams

*Since I know most people skip the writing, I'll ask this right away - is anybody interested in an article about genetically modified food? Please let me know via the comments or the poll in the sidebar if yes or not*

Huuuf, finally I'm done with exams at DIT I mean in case I passed all of them and I won't have to re-sit! I've been enjoying my two weeks of holidays before the summer school (summer school = extra lessons unrelated to the semester here with two professors from the other side of Atlantic with extra credits - not that we need more than 120 credits, but, well, better more than fewer I guess). We've pretty much wasted one week recovering from the study-intensive two weeks before and the peak of our activity has been one day spent window-shopping around the big centers on the outskirts of Dublin. The rest of time I've been sleeping (long enough to think Wednesday was still Tuesday) and cleaning. Next week, my parents are coming over and renting a car, so we'll be travelling around Ireland - look forward to pictures of Ireland!. Though I still need to post photos from our visit to Gerald's distant family in Cork, and I'm waiting for the pro photos taken during our prototype showcase.  And then I have articles with some cosmetic reviews, living in Dublin for cheap tips etc.
Anyways, here's one outfit and some photos from our lazy days.

Dublin has tons of funky restaurants - this is dispayed in front one of them.

Ireland is really into local, organic, traceable, home-made food. No wonder after the horsemeet burger scandal, but you can really see the difference form rest of Europe - foodie shops everywhere, local veggies and meat in Tesco and Murphy's ice cream that should not be missed. Their selection of take-homepots is pretty classic, but the flavors you can get in cones or cups are awesome. I can recommend raspberry, oats and dingle salt.



Window of some expensive boutique.

Dundrum - I'm confused since every other shopping center claims it's the biggest one, but Dundrum is pretty huge. It has really cool architecture and prices range from cheap cheap (Penneys = Primark) to pretty pricey. It's supposed to get a TK Maxx (my new favorite outlet chain) soon.   



Skirt: H&M, Angers, France
Blouse: second hand Textile House, Prague
Jacket: H&M, maybe Germany
Shoes: Penneys
Headband: ?
Bag: Paris, gift with a Japanese magazine

Pavillion Swords is on the other side of Dublin and has a TK Maxx (sorry, I'm seriously obsessed with that outlet. It has ceramic knifes, beautiful journals, food, designer pieces, fake-looking designer pieces, awesome cosmetics and piles and piles of discounted clothes). Below is a kids' dress by Gucci - they have two pieces, one for 110 Euros and one for 80. It's for 8 year olds, but I think I could fit. I'm not crazy about the design though and it's still 80 Euros. The same day I also saw Karl Lagerfeld shoes for 110 (not bad considering average shoe prices here) and very fake looking Valentino scarf (if it was real, then I don't know why would anyone pay so much for such awful fabric)).

This is a car I wouldn't be afraid to drive.

Yours truly lazy


  1. Gratuluji ke zvládnutí zkoušek a ty fotky jsou opět super, hlavně ta "zmrzlinárna" nebo jak to nazvat.. :)

    1. Děkuju :) Zmrzlinárna je dokonalá, škoda, že v Irsku je většinou na zmzrlinu trochu zima. =D

  2. congrats on finishing exams! going for icecream is definitely a great way to celebrate :) I love the mix of prints in your outfit!

    Metallic Paws

  3. You guys always look so cute together- it is a pleasure to watch! :)
    And to answer your question, yes, I am interested in information about GMF as I always like broadening my mind with new information!


    1. Thank you! Haha, you're the only one who answered, so though I'm grateful you did, I guess there's not a lot of interest in that topic :/

  4. Great job on finishing your exams, that is always the best feeling. Hope you have some nice time off now. Your pictures are always very beautiful to see.

  5. i personally avoid all genetically modified food. you look like a doll in that pic of you holding up a double scoops ice cream cone!


    1. Thank you! Well I wouldn't exactly say you need to avoid GMO like plague...