Bushy Park

Hi there! This time, I have sadly a very good reason for not blogging and visiting blogs recently - my 4-year old laptop went to the PC heaven, or more precisely, the mother board went to hell, my hard drive went into a box for external hard drive, the rest of the PC will go to broken PC buyers and I, I won't go jump into Sniffy Liffey, but I'll go buy a new laptop ASAP. In the meantime, I'm dependent on DIT's (that's my new uni for the next 5 months) computers. They love to shut down unexpectedly, so yay.

Anyways, we have been pretty lazy when it comes to sightseeing and outfit-picture-taking. The first is probably a result of our fairly relaxed schedule, so we don't feel pressured to go out every time we can - since we can pretty much anytime. And the later was mostly caused by the crazy Irish weather, mainly the rain that goes on and off and the wind that goes non stop.

OK, back to the topic - here is a little couple outfit photoshoot and pictures from our lazy Sunday stroll in the Bushy Park (yes, that is the official name). FYI, it was still really cold as it was the beginning of February.

A church we saw on our way there (we also saw Lidl, but I guess you're not really interested in seeing pictures of Lidl)

Skirt: Camaieu, second hand Textile House, Prague
Cutsew: Off Mode, Tokyo
Cardigan: Marks and Spencer, Prague
Coat: F&F, Prague
Socks: off brand, eBay (I won them for like 2 USD)
Sneakers: Penneys (aka the Irish Primark, so they were 3 E)
Bike: Found abandoned. Not taken though. I've had enough of biking.

Jacket and shoes: Penneys
Sweater: H&M, gift from Lizzie and Amel
Jeans: no idea

Two lovey-dovey pics...

Bushy park river

And Bushy park waterfall

On the way home:

It's hard to stand out in Dublin, fashion-wise.

Yours truly PCless


  1. RIP old laptop. Hopefully your new one comes in soon. Alas, you seem to be better at the riding-bikes-in-skirts thing than I am. I always manage to flash someone! I really like your outfit too; it seems like something out of a clothing catalog where all the models are pushing their bikes along.



    1. Thank you! Nah, I returned my bike after having it for 3 days =D

  2. Jé, Tobě to taaak sluší, tenhle styl zbožňuju.. Takový ten oldschool se vzhledem ala školní uniforma :3
    A laptopu je mi líto, snad si brzy pořídíš náhradu :)

  3. Oh very lovely and cute outfit,
    Lovelies pics!


  4. Hi Vita! Long time no seeeeee! Your hair grows longer and you look always sweet as ever.
    Hope you will have a new computer soon my dear.
    Nice pictures ^_^

    1. Thank you, I'm happy to be back too. :) Haha, yeah, hope it will continue to grow, because this length is pretty difficult to style :/

  5. oooo moc vám to sluší, oblečení má krásné barvičky (moje oblíbené haha) :-)