Big Guide do Paris' Chinatowns, Part II: Ivry and Choisy - Food, More Food and Korean Cosmetics

So, let's continue with the older and bigger Chinatown! I'll keep my comments on the shops short, since the photos are pretty self-explanatory. I realized I forgot to take a picture of the Palais du thé, but I already mentioned it in another post, so you can check it there!

The first street is Avenue de Choisy, left side if you're going from Porte de Choisy towards Place d'Italie.

China-style McDo - the menu is still the same though.

Europasie - lots of sweets, ready to eat food bufet and fresh products (sometimes cheaper then the big supermarkets) and also sauces, rice etc.

Notre Dame de Chine

RER B corridor

Bubble Tea

One of many furniture and deco and kitchenware shops

Vietnamese fast food and bubble tea, sorry, I haven't been there, so I can't comment on the food itself.

Rue de Tolbiac

Cool-looking restaurant

Manga store - they were on holidays when I went to get material for this article, but otherwise it should be open.

A bit of everything


And back to Avenue de Choisy

Pho store (there are many, but this one looked cool - there are so many restaurants I didn't bother to take pictures of them)

Thai groceries

Weird fashion


But the entrance is from Porte d'Italie!

Too bad this one was XXXL and I don't have a sewing machine in France. TT___TT

The right side of Avenue de Choisy

Tang Freres - big supermarket with just about anything you may need to cook Asian food. Prices are smetimes lower, sometimes higher than Paris Store.


 Street art

Small groceries

Matcha and durian macarons

Small shopping centre with Casino supermarket (Casino and Auchan are the cheapest supermarkets)

Fruit and veggie shop - prices are not bad

Amasia - has lots of Filipino stuff and Korean cosmetics (more expensive than bought online though)

Avenue d'Ivry
Supermarket - more expensive than Paris Store and Tang Freres

Patisserie with heart-shaped macarons!

Everything and anything

Here, people line for the ready to eat chicken everyday!

Supermarket, prices not really that good

Expensive clothes

A good Thai restaurant we went to.

Rue de Tolbiac

And back to Ivry
This is a hidden "courtyard" near the Oslo shopping center (behind Paris Store)

Karaoke etc.

Phone and tab accessories

Kawaii store with some k-pop idol stuff

Another kawaii store

Bubble tea and super cute cupcakes (sorry I didn't take pictures, but they're around 3 - 4 E each >.<)

K pop and drama

Big Tang Freres supermarket and restaurant

And Paris Store (small Freres Tang are next to it).

Yours truly


  1. Nééé, já tam chci takyy :3 Hned bych si pořídila ten kokeshi deštník, asijskou kosmetiku a plno dalších věcí.. A taky bych jim vyjedla ty asijské dobroty :)

  2. Úžasné... Doufám, že se tam taky brzy podívám. A nutně potřebuju ty BB creamy! :D

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