Paris Before Christmas

I'm actually a big liar, because the following photos are not very Christmas-y - yes, I have seen the grandiose deco in Lafayete and Printemps, the glowing Champs Elyssées and the biggest Paris market in La Défense. But I am a lazy blogger and I didn't take any pictures and I forgot the flash disk with Gerald's photos in Paris. So, I'm going to present you with a random collection of photos from my last week in Paris before I headed to Prague for the Xmass break. I walked on foot all around Paris with my parents, who came to visit me. <3 So, for example, if you walk from Chatelet to Japanese Town, Lafayette, Montmartre, Gare du Nord and Chatelet again, it is around 14 km!

My parents are certainly the most loving and generous ones in the whole galaxy. One of the proofs for this statement is that they didn't raise any objections to brunch in Aki Boulanger.

My dad's apricot bread:  

My mum's Mont Blanc (made from chestnut purée):

And of course, my matcha au lait:

And très kawaii bûche de Noël:

Wish I could eat'em all!

Uniqlo's stairs:
The queue for cashiers in the Haussmann sotre was at least 100 poeple long!)

La Belle et la Bête is going to be THE movie of 2014 in France for sure. It decorates the parts of Lafayette that is not covered in Christmas decorations:

Church on the way to Montmartre:

Probably the only street in Montmartre that is souvenir-free.

Same more yule logs for half the price of Aki's, but also with just half the cuteness factor.

Carrefour, nor having Prada to decorate its store, paired-up with Ferrero and created gold overdose.

Cimetière du Montparnasse - I have to admit to just walking through it to see Baudelaire's grave and then quickly leaving.

Tour Montmarnasse - for sure one of the best places to observe Paris from above.

La Défense

Before-the-French-test selfies. It may be the word of the year, but I prefer selca.

A very random arc in the middle of a carrefour.

Hôtel de Ville

What poor students order in cafés:

Just-got-off-the-plane. It was definitely one of my worst flights ever, we had half an hour delay, the air was unbreathable, dense and hot and the pressure really weird. Thank god Paris -> Prague is a short flight.
But at least I flew in a cute attire. :)

 Yours truly


  1. Hi Vita! Love the food photos, I am actually hungry now :P I hope you had an amazing Christmas and happy new year sweetie!

    1. Thanks so much! Happy new year to you too <3

  2. love the macarons xmas tree & macarons log cakes!!! i wanna devour them all!!! hope u had a great christmas. happy new year!!


    1. Happy new year! Haha, yeah I wanted to try every flavor. :)

  3. Jé, jak děláš matchu au lait? :D Já s ní zatím dělala snad jen něco jako rafaello kuličky (máslo, sušené mléko, matcha..), čaj a myslím že jednou zmrzlinu :P

    1. No, normálně rozmícháš matchu v mléku a dosladíš ;)

    2. Já právě chci vyzkoušet takové to našlehané lattečko a přemýšlím jestli na to budu potřebovat nějaký šlehač, nebo jestli použít jen chasen, aby mi to udělalo mléčnou pěnu :D
      Jinak jsem se právě rozhodla že se naučím nějaké ty asijské dobroty konečně.. určitě bych ráda zkusila Daifuku, Dango, Dorayaki, Mochi a pak asi ještě něco jako vietnamské Banh Phu The nebo Banh Bo :P