Back in October, we went on a one-day trip to Champagne and Reims - it was pretty cold already, but still sunny, and we even had some free time. You certainly shouldn't expect much work-life balance if you join an Erasmus Mundus MSc. TT___TT I just hope it will get less hectic in Dublin, because right now it seems that all I do is go to school, work on school projects, buy groceries, clean, cook and sleep. Anyways, back to Champagne and the happier days.

We visited a wine cave belonging to Castellane. The guided visit (French only) and tasting (one glass) cost 8 E, which is not exactly cheap, but it was what we came for, so we tried it.

Then we went to see the city - it was a small and peaceful place.

And Reims


Yours truly


  1. lovely photos! Champagne is such a french thing, I am happy you liked it (:

  2. Wow the architecture is so, so breathtaking! I have been in France several times, but still seeing pictures from it always make me to fall in love it all over again! :)
    And you look so cute in that outfit, that little bow in your hair looks adorable!

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  3. Vita darling! How are you? You look beautiful in your dress here. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


  4. Thanks so much for posting these, it was a true joy to see them. The photos are outstanding. The architecture is so stunning and full of character. I love the first picture too. It is pure genius and there is so much talent shown from it. Also, I love champagne. It is just the best ever. Anything with champagne involved is truly wonderful.

  5. I don't know what I did before I lived vicariously through your photos. And a champagne-pink jacket to visit Champagne? Genius. I also love the scallop collar on the jacket.



  6. Wow, to je nádhera.. Snad jsem nikdy nenavštívila tolik zajímavých míst jako jsem si u Tebe prohlídla za pár posledních měsíců :D

  7. Wow, this place is beautiful, I hope I could go there too someday!
    You look adorable with your bf and I love your outfit, so cute!

  8. Thank you all for the comments, I'm really sorry I was too busy to reply before TT___TT.